Window mount suggestions

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May 12, 2017
Saint Joseph, MI
I have two scanners for listening to the local railroad traffic. One is at home with a roof mounted ground plane antenna designed to cover the widest possible area. One is in my office at work with a window-mounted antenna designed to pick up not much more than a defect detector about a mile away. It’s connected to an audio-over-ip encoder so I can listen to both at home. Because it’s in an office window, the antenna needs to be subtle.

Right now I’m using a Workman Scan-4 that is little more than a length of coax with the jacket and shield stripped away and two suction cups. It’s 95% of what I want, but I’d like something just a little better.

I’ve seen this on eBay and this on amazon and if they perform better than the wire, they have potential. But I’m dubious of the quality/suitability to the application.

I figure the most likely candidate to improve reception would be a railroad-band tuned rubber ducky. But I would need a mount to stick it to the glass, and I can’t seem to find one. It’s an extinct species. Here is exactly what I want, but they’re gone.

Thoughts? If the rubber duckie is the way to go, I figure I can get a BNC extension cable, some suction cups and zip ties and make a DIY version of the discontinued suction cup mount.
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