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  1. ptfd13

    APX 6000 Quick-Call II Alert

    I'm trying to find where in the programming software this option is. I'm sure it's sitting right in front of me but I can't seem to find it. I want to change the sound that is played when an alert is received but I can't seem to find the setting for it. Loads of sounds in the software but I'm...
  2. D

    800Mhz Audible Alert for fire calls

    Hello... I am curious to know if anyone has some insight on a small issue we are going to run into. We are about to go live on a new 800 Mhtz radio system, and will be using Motorola MCC7500 consoles. We currently utilize VHF two-tone paging to alert fire stations/pagers. When we go live with...
  3. C

    HELP - Feed Offline/Feed Online emails

    I am getting automated emails stating my feed is offline, probably 20 a day. Then, within a few minutes I receive another stating the feed in back online after I have made no changes or even been in the office to touch the computer. Feed was working fine up until a few days ago when we had a...
  4. wa2chj

    VX-180 Scanning

    Questions about how scanning works on VX-180. I have two channels in my scan list. Both have 2-tone alert programmed, and both channels alert with the tones. Many times I'm away from the radio, and come back to find it displaying -CALLED- as it should. My questions are... 1. When it's...
  5. B

    FreeSCAN - Assigning colors to groups?

    Sorry if this is a little elementary, but I'm still getting to know my 396XT and FreeSCAN. I am looking for a way to set an entire GROUP to a particular COLOR. For example, I have about 70 talkgroups for my local police department. Do I have to individually set the color for each talkgroup...
  6. spectr17

    WX feed alert programmed into scanner

    I see the warning not to use the Feed Alerts on the admin page for weather alerts, what I'm wondering about is programming the scanner to do WX Alerts for our county here that would go out on the feed like the fire and EMS traffic. Does anyone provide that in their feed? It seems like it would...
  7. spectr17

    WX alert. How to program it in with Freescan?

    I have the SAME number for my county. The input fields are: SAME Group Name FIPS1 FIPS2 FIPS3 Also do you check any of the 3 boxes? Weather alert, attenuater, record? Delay. 1 to 5? Thanks
  8. Eastie

    Alert 2 at Logan

    Alert 2 issued at Logan Airport @ 11:15 PM DHL DC-8 #4 Engine Shutdown w/ Fire Warning Listen to Logan Approach 126.5 Logan Tower 128.8 Ground 121.75 and the Massport trunk
  9. davef3138

    Idea for feature - listener threshold alert

    There have been two incidents lately in my area where I (gasp!) didn't have any radios on to alert me that something was going on. More users than normal were connected to my feed in both instances. It would be a useful feature if feed admins could set a listener threshold, where when the...
  10. K

    News and Feed Alerts

    Is it possible with the API to remotely update the News and Feed Alerts? I listen a lot on my Blackberry, and it would be nice to be able to submit the News/Alert information via SMS, email, web app, etc. Anyone doing this? Is it possible? kd8jhc
  11. N

    Marion or Cedar Rapids Frequencies Needed

    Im looking for Marion or Cedar Rapids Iowa frequencies. I have a analog scanner capable of picking op trunked systems, I think it goes up to 956.00 mhz. If anyone out there has freq's I would love to have some. I have searched this website and I want more frequencies. If you have odd ball or...
  12. N

    PRO-164 SAME Standby

    Hi! Just checking to see if anyone has used the SAME Standby mode on the PRO-164 or any scanner and if it works well. I have been anxiously waiting for a watch or warning to set the scanner and wait for the alarm to kick on, but nothing yet!
  13. W

    Car Alert Emergency Safety System High School Project Help

    I'm a new-comer to the world of radio's and I need some help. I'm in high-school and working on a senior project. Basically our idea is a safety system for automobiles that cuts out the car radio when there is an emergency vehicle in in the area and inserts an emergency broadcast. The device...