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  1. A

    BCD396T: L/O & 6 button not working. FIRMWARE UPDATE

    Hello, I am trying to update my scanner, I have everything plugged in and I start the application. I get to the screen where it says "1. connect the scanner to pc. remove nbatteries. 2. insert ac adapter plug while holding L/O and 6 keys. The scanner display remains blank and backlight turns...
  2. S

    BCD396T: PC does't see the scanner

    I previously used an old work DELL laptop with my BCD396T. I recently downloaded the ARC software (Freescan will not load) on my MS Surface pro. I can't seem to see the scanner, I think its in the way it sees the USB : serial cable adaptor. Any thoughts?
  3. D

    New (used) BCD396T

    Hi Folks, I just got a used BCD396T from a guy at the ham flea market and I'm at the point where I've got it loaded and working for my area. My new tangent is CLOSE CALL - I've done the RTFM thing and got it working and capturing calls and I've tested it and its working OK. So I ran it for a...
  4. J

    BCD396T - Problem with Talk Group

    I just recently revived my BCD396T and used ProScan to download a few LA City systems from RR into it. One of the groups is the LA City Muni system #3 (EDACS). I only download a few talk groups for experimentation, R&P, GSD, and Radio Test (all 04-nnn or 05-nnn groups). Everything works OK...
  5. R

    Problems programming Roseville Trunked system

    I have a BCD396T version 3.02.02 and have access to the RadioReference database. I'm using ARC396 version 3.2.004 to program the scanner. It's been a few years since I've programmed the radio and am having problems getting it to program correctly. I go into ARC396 and click on...
  6. A

    Montgomery County

    Has anyone out there who has successfully re-programmed a BCD396T for the re-banded Montgomery County systems got directions on how to do it? I have attempted to reprogram my 396, followed the directions to a "T", and all I get is dead air. I would appreciate any help that someone might be...
  7. S

    Should I upgrade or ok for now

    I would like to buy the Motorola XTS 5000 and I currently have Uniden BCD396T. If I would upgrade what would the difference be between those two scanners. Thanks everyone for your input. Cheers, Simon
  8. G

    Trunkview's compatibility with Realtek onboard audio

    Hi I'm trying to get Trunk view to work correctly. I have set the control channel and connected my BCD396T to the line in on my PC and the serial port. I can change channels fine with Trunkview and it is also decoding the control channel fine. But I cannot mute my input like the website says...
  9. walteremrick

    I need help

    I have a BCD396T Uniden and I am trying to use Proscan to upload MPSCS into it. I can retrieve the data but when I attempt to import it I get a message saying I am trying to put two sites into a one site scanner. When I pick only Washtenaw selections I can import them and upload them into my...
  10. B

    B396T needs programmed - east valley

    My unit used to to be programmed, but I have lost the files on my computer and reset the unit back to factory default. I am looking for someone to help me program the unit so I can hear smooth conversations between activity in my area. I would like separate banks for storm chasing, fire, trains...
  11. mg770

    Uniden BCD396T

    Hello everyone, I am looking to buy the Uniden BCD396T. I live in Dunwoody,GA which is part of Dekalb county. I owned this scanner before as a trial but had to return it until I can find out how to program it better. So... Dekalb county has 5 precincts that all operate on the same dispatch. My...
  12. P

    BCD396T: Trouble Updating from 1.20.13 to 3.02.02 Firmware

    So, I was able to successfully upgrade my firmware on my BCD396T from the earlier version to 1.20.13 without any problems. But when I try to update to 3.02.02, I get the following error message: Programming Error!! Please check the following things: * Connect your scanner to the PC with the...
  13. J

    BCD396T Tone-Out Question?

    Hi All, Does anyone know how the Tone-Out Search works, I am able to set the function to standby however, it will not search. I am not sure if this scanner has the ability to search tones on a designated frequency?? I am using this feature on search with a 996T and 996XT. Any help would be...
  14. bionicworm1

    Resetting a BCD396t

    Hi All, After my firmware and software updates on my BCD396T I'm getting a lot of scanning in areas that I do not want. I'll set up one basic conventional system and in between it scans the Bandscope, all Custom freqs, Ham, CB, etc... Is there a full system reset I can do to just start...
  15. dtaylor505

    BCD396T problem after ARC 396 upgrade

    I'm using a BCD396T with the latest firmware. In order to connect with the RR database, I recently had to update my ARC 396 basic software to version 3.1.001 basic. Immediately after the upgrade, the software failed to detect the scanner. I am using a Uniden USB Cable to connect the scanner...
  16. bionicworm1

    Firmware upgrade problem on BCD396t

    Hi All, I did the firmware upgrade last night on my BCD396T and now no matter what I do the ARC396 program does not see it. I remove everything else that plugs in a com port, do directly to a Serial port instead of the USB adapter and nothing. Where do I start? Mike Rapp KA2FBL...
  17. J

    Why doesn't my scanner work right?

    Hi everyone. I'm David, and I'm trying to get my BCD396T Scanner to work right. I'm in Pocatello, so all I can get is the 700 MHz trunked stuff (public safety). Everything is working fine, except with EVERY message I hear, it cuts out every 4 seconds, and scans through all the other channels...
  18. B

    Windsor, ON new radios

    Hello, I'm new to the whole technical site of scanning. I was wondering if we can do anything here in windsor to pick up the PD. and I would like help programming the frequencies for Essex OPP, Windsor and essex fire, and ambulance. I cant seem to figure it out. (i know i'm a noob). I have a...
  19. hotdjdave

    BCD396T GPS Location-Based Scanning Capable

    Someone at a local ham radio store that the Unided BCD396T can do GPS location-based scanning. He said it requires aftermarket software and cable, and it can be done. I cannot find this on the web. Has anyone heard of this or know how to do it? If so, could you provide links, please. Thanks.
  20. C

    396T Cable Connectivity Problem

    Hi all, After reading through 7 pages of threads, I didn't have much joy finding anything similar - so here goes. I found a serial to USB cable that matches the 396T perfectly, identical to the USB-1 from Uniden. Upon installing the PL-2303 driver and plugging in/turning on the scanner, it...