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  1. S

    Channel hold button starting to act up? SDS100

    Has anyone else had an issue with this? The problem started yesterday, my channel hold soft key has been intermittently responsive. All of the other keys including system and department soft keys working as normal. The physical button seems to be working fine with a solid click on press but it...
  2. marksroberson

    HT750 Problem

    Alright, so a few years back I bought a HT750 at a hamfest (Model AAH25RDC9AA3AN) and it has been working for years, although when i bought it I noticed a quiet high pitched noise it would make from the speaker, It didn't effect performance much. Just recently it "died", all it did was make that...
  3. D

    Freescan: Import from RR problem

    When I import from Freescan software by clicking Files, Import and from RadioReference Conventional.... I make my choice to select some frequencies and I click import. All work exept the Frequencies, the first three digits are ok and the five last digits after the dot indicated 00000 all the...
  4. E

    Unication Amplifier Problem

    I got my amplifier for my G5 and it worked great for the past 3 months or so then one day it decided to bight the dust no lights no nothing, so i sent it back for repair. I got it back last week and plugged it in and it powers up but when i put the pager in the cradle it just charges it doesn't...
  5. I

    AR8200 Scan banks disappeared

    Hi All, I have recently changed programming software for the AR8200. I was using Greenlight, but that stopped working. I have since brought Butel ARC8200V2. However, I downloaded from the scanner fine. BUT uploading (using the delete band first option shown in the instructions) has resulted in...
  6. H

    Links keep changing

    Has anyone else noticed that the links to online scanner feeds have been changing A LOT lately? I keep a few bookmarks on my toolbar as well as a few playlist files on my desktop to quick launch a feed in a media player. My co-worker and I have been doing it for *years* without issue. Seems...
  7. M

    Problem programming Kenwood TK-3301

    I received this TK-3301 ProTalk with some other stuff and only some channels worked which may have been standard, I don't know. I downloaded the KPG-121D V1.01 software and have the engineers serial number (posted in another old thread) and programmed in the 446 MHz channels that I wanted. I...
  8. sauerjc

    Hytera PD362 Reception Problem

    I just received my Hytera PD362 and it seems like a great little DMR HT Transceiver. The only issue I'm having with it is the reception on digital is dropping every 1-2 secs despite my MD380 maintain constant reception from my openspot. I've adjusted the squelch settings but they don't seem...
  9. Z

    TK-2170 Problems

    I have a TK-2170 VHF that will not power on. I have tried multiple batteries and I can't get anything. I was programming it and I wrote the code plug and it cut off and now it is dead. Anybody know what could've happened? I really need this radio back in service.
  10. C

    Problem Monitoring Hytera DMR with BCD436HP

    Hello all. I'm having problems trying to use my BCD436HP scanner to monitor DMR transmissions that are being originated from Hytera portables. These Hytera DMR transmissions are digital and in simplex mode. I programmed these Hytera portables myself and I know what the frequency is supposed...
  11. 5

    Problems with Antenna Setup

    Here's my situation I currently have a D130NJ antenna outside mounted onto the house around 25 feet above the ground. Due to my scanner being on the opposite side of the house I have 100ft of LMR-400 connecting the antenna to the scanner. I listen primarily to frequencies in the range of 120mhz...
  12. K

    Funcube Pro+ - Problem with reception

    Hi! I recently bought a Funcube Pro+ and I'm having a few issues. I've tried every antenna I have, antennas that I KNOW have great reception - Specifically an antenna that covers the 400mhz band (to recieve DMR). I used it on my handheld scanner and I could hear the DMR signal clear as day...
  13. H

    DSD+ 1.101 works on all systems but this one!?!

    Hi all, I have a successfully configured DSD+ install using a RTL2832u + R820T SDR stick. All other systems decode successfully when I have a strong enough signal, but not this one. The problem is not with noise, as the signal is way above the floor. Based on my experience, it sounds like a...
  14. alabamanick

    BC125AT: Scanner will only pick up one frequency

    So I've had the BC125AT for over a year, and it was working perfectly until one day it would not pick up anything. I mainly use it to listen to railroad operations. Even if I was next to the repeater, I heard nothing. However, a few weeks later I tried the weather, and 162.4000 is the ONLY thing...
  15. SamAltenberger

    Disconnecting PC input with Uniden BC346XT

    Hi all, I've recently set up a Broadcastify feed using my Uniden BC346XT scanner. The problem I'm running into occurs when I plug in a 1/8" audio patch cable between the scanner's headphone jack and my computer's line-in jack. When the scanner isn't playing anything, my computer recognizes that...
  16. W

    BCD536HP: Audio is cycling mute on every channel

    No matter what channel I have scanned I have an interesting thing happening. For instance I have a local FM station on one of the memory settings, and I click HOLD on the channel, but I get this intermittent drop of audio, and it happens on any channel I am scanning, as if the unit is cycling...
  17. C

    Feed problem - low audio into mp3 encoder

    I'm having a problem with one of my feeds that I can't find a fix for (other than switching to linux). The feed source is TX audio into the repeater > Windows 7 machine > Radio Feed (also tried Scannercast). The audio input to my soundcard is at a proper level, and the "slider" on the...
  18. K

    Uniden BCD996XT rec. port burnt out

    So I was running my Uniden BDC996XT as a live feed through my mac mini for a few months. I had been using the record out port for the audio output. One day all my audio on my computer died and the audio from the scanner through the rec. port was dead. The other ports on the radio are ok, but my...
  19. B

    Scanner cast connection issue

    Hi all, I have had a stream for about 3 weeks now. The first 20 days have went off without a hitch. I updated my radio and the stream was down for 24 hours. I installed the new radio and began broadcast. It looks like I am broadcasting to the broadcastify servers but it doesn't. I also am...
  20. J

    BC346XTC suddenly doesn't pick up any radio feeds

    My scanner is about a little over a week old now. Today, I just turned the scanner on, but noticed big problems. I am unable to hear radio frequencies. The speaker works because scrolling through settings creates a tone. The scanner picks up frequencies, but only displays a very small static...