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quick keys

  1. K

    BCD436HP programming question

    I've programmed the Sentinel software with a Favorites List (to which I've assigned Favorites QK 1) that contains 6 systems in total. One of them is a P25 system to which I've assigned QK1. Four of them are Conventional to which I've assigned QKs 2, 3, 4 and 5. The last one is a Motorola System...
  2. V

    BCD436HP: Is there a way?

    I just bought a BCD436HP and love it, especially the quality of decoding P25 in my area. A prior owner of A BCD396XT and a Home Patrol 1, thought there would be obvious similarities in programming as compared to the HP1, but I am having some troubles and am looking for answers/advice. First...
  3. N

    BCD996P2: Question for the Uniden experts or well-informed

    Concerning scan speeds: If you have a large large phase 1 trunked system and would like to break it into three selectable scan groups it seems like I have two choices. First put them under one system quick key with three group quick keys , or secondly, simply have them under three separate...
  4. R

    BCD396XT: Using Quick Keys

    I have assigned a quick key (1) for a conventional group in FreeScan. Now I'd like to use it to go directly to that group. I tried entering 1. I tried pressing the function key and then entering 1. I tried pressing the menu key and then entering 1. None of these options will take me to that...
  5. M

    HELP! Group, Systems & Quick Keys for Dummies

    PROGRAMMING FOR DUMMIES Problem: Need help on understanding Groups, Systems and Quick Keys. I have had scanners for decades. I cant seem to wrap my head around the concepts of Groups... Systems and Quick Keys. I'm stuck back in the days of "banks" of channels. I keep reading manuals and online...
  6. G

    396xt group ids not showing

    Have programmed a P25 system with multiple sites. In that system I have multiple groups. When I add group quick key #s to each group, they show up on the display when scanning some sites as an asterisk, not a number. On some sites they don't show up at all (only a dash). In the program menu...
  7. S

    BCD396XT Keypad Operation

    I could use some assistance please. I recently purchased a BCB396XT and am somewhat confused as to its general operation. I have scoured the user manual for answers to no avail. At present, I have left the factory programming on the radio. The scanner is recognized by Mr. Scanner/ScanSoft Lite...
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    Uniden BCD396xt Quick Keys

    Does anyone know how to type a number greater than 0-9 on quick keys on the Uniden bcd396xt? For example when I try to disable 21 by typing 21 it will disable 2 and 1.