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  1. iz0kvz

    Proposal for the Uniden Scanner European Users Discussion (USEUD)

    Hi All, I'm Tony, an Italian Amateur Radio Operator, my callsign is IZ0KVZ and I want to propose to create a forum section dedicated to all European users. I'm interested in short waves' listening and I bought a UBCD-3600xlt scanner on last november. It was very difficult to me to start...
  2. C

    EF Johnson 5300 not making sound when receiving

    I just finished installing my EF Johnson 5300 in my POV, and I've run into a problem. When the radio is receiving a transmission on any frequency, it doesn't seem to activate the speaker. The green light goes on indicating it is receiving, but no sound comes out of the radio. I know that the...
  3. E

    Contacting phone support

    I've been trying to call phone support for 3 days and can't get through - running into the "call volume too high" message and then having it disconnected. I got through now, but have been on hold waiting for 45 minutes. Still hoping someone will pick up. Is this normal for Uniden?
  4. T

    uniden bct-15x recording HELP PLEASE??

    i got a samsung series 9 laptop running windows 7 and a bct15x im using pro scan software.i can record but i cannot get just the transmishions only.to record.it picks up everything thru my built in comp mic on the side of the laptop..im using the usb-1 cable.ive tried the use of the usb-1 and...
  5. A

    Used PSR-800 but concerned about GRE's restart.

    I found a used PSR-800 for $300.00. It looks brand new and the owner has taken great care of it. This will be my first scanner. My biggest concern is support. Would I be better of getting a uniden HP that has a warranty that I know will be covered, am is everyone confident that GRE will be...
  6. J

    Newbie Needs Live Support (Tulsa OK or elsewhere)

    Despite 50 years' experience using AM/FM car radios, I have not been able to master the BearCat 346XT. I've tried reading the Uniden (non)documentation, found the Easier to Read guide to be much better (e.g. at least it tells me where the Function and Menu keys are!!), and I've been able to use...
  7. J

    Butel Customer Support

    I have been trying to get in touch with Gommert at Butel. I sent an e-mail a few days ago, but I have not received a reply yet. I thought I read something on his web page about him being on vacation, but I can't seem to find that right now to determine if he is back from vacation. Does...