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Sep 8, 2016
First off, I am a new member and looking forward in receiving/giving good information here. Here is my dilemma... I own a 2004 Commemorative Edition Z06 Corvette and just had an installer put in LED hideaway strobes in all four tails, both backup lights and the front cornering lamps. Initially I was told with this system I would have no less than 25 different flash patterns to go through. Well, all that has drastically changed and now only have a SINGLE flash pattern and my front cornering lamps, have a mind of their own and do not synch in with the tails at all. Very disappointed especially after I was told, by him (lol), he was the best. Granted, he does put in the local police and ambulances lightings, but with the Corvette, I think he is in over his head.

I live in West Virginia and am seeking immediate help in finding a installer who believes they can correct whatever is going on here. If any member knows of any installer within a 150 mile radius of Parkersburg, WV, I would much appreciate it. This Corvette is only 1 of 2025 built back in 2004 and is only used for parades and car shows.

Thanks to anyone who responds to this ahead of time....


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Dec 19, 2002
what brand strobes did you put in. Look on the internet to see if there is a manual on line. I have code 3 brand strobes. Not as many light patterns as you may have , but there manual explains how to change the wiriung ort what additial switches you can get that takes code 3 wiring and givews you other patterns. Maybe it is as simple as "put the black wire here rather than there" sort of.
Apr 1, 2004
1. Probably not the right place to ask. The recommendation to try the automotive sub forum was a good one, you can use the triangle on the upper right corner to request a mod to move this thread to there.

2. Typically LED hidaways have both a synch wire and a pattern select wire. Chances are the installer just hooked up power and ground, ignored the others. You will have to wire a momentary switch into the cabin hooked to this wire in order to change them on the fly.
-On this subject, keep in mind that "professional" installations on emergency vehicles rarely have a pattern select switch wired. We have far too much to worry about while working then worrying about what pattern the strobes are.
3. The above-mentioned synch wire needs to be connected on all 4 corners.
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