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New comer to MILCOM and SATCOM

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Feb 26, 2012
Patchogue, NY

I am interested in listening to MILCOM and SATCOM. I have read the forum wikis about it however I am still confused regarding the amount of information to comprehend. Im just wondering, what is a good starter receiver and antenna setup to use for MILCOM? Im not interested in SATCOM as much as I am MILCOM. So even though I mentioned, anyone that is willing to help is requested to stick with MILCOM.

I have a BC72XLT and just a few minutes ago I was able to hear the ISS's downlink tones from my scanner, so I know that the SATCOM frequencies already work. I cant listen to MILCOM on the current receiver due to limitations being its really a beginner scanner that doesnt even have trunk tracker abilities.

Back to MILCOM, Please help me regarding the topic. All I really would like to know is what receiver/antenna setup would be good for a newcomer.


Dec 19, 2002
Fortunately, GA
Only two come to mind for me, the Uniden 15X base/mobile, and the Uniden 396XT. Haven't had any experience with the 15X, but the 396 really does a good job of milair. Also use a Pro-163 for some milair. The better receivers, Icom R-20, R-6, the newer Alinco DJ-X11 will do a great job too. You'll get a lot telling you about the Uniden 780, 199x's scanner, the Pro-2006 (bit earlier than the 780). You'll want something that receives in the AM, and FM modes with the frequency range of 225-380MHz. Used my 106 at an airshow last year, but it cut into listening to the air base's trunked system.
But, just out.......the BC-125AT would be the ideal beginner milair scanner. Just some advice from one who has listened since the 80's to milair on HF/VHF and UHF.
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