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  1. F

    BCD436HP: New Owner - Returning to Scanning

    I want some advice. I am a new owner of the BCD436 as I wanted a portable handheld unit and the SDS is out of my price range for my current knowledge level. I used to be into scanning back in the day with my father and grandfather, using an old crystal scanner and listening to Glendale, AZ fire...
  2. J

    What's possible with this setup? How/when to improve?

    I've just started exploring radio, and I'm totally captivated by how it works and what you can do with it. Unfortunately, I'm so new, I don't know if my setup is working well - maybe I'm doing something stupid like using the wrong antenna and don't know it - so I'm asking for some general...
  3. H

    G4/G5 summary of tips/tricks

    First let me say thank you to all the folks who help answer questions and share information here on the Unication forum. I have been a G5 owner for over a year and I am very happy with this pager. The G5 has overcome the P25 simulcast issues that I have struggled with for years with OTS...
  4. N

    Hartwell, Georgia Scanning

    I just recently got into scanners and got myself an UNIDEN BCD996T scanner. I am wondering if anyone has any good hints or tips for someone just beginning in the police scanner topic. I plan on getting an UNIDEN BCD436HP at the beginning of next year. I just need ANY information or help that...
  5. kk4dnl

    New to Air Band Monitoring. Looking for guidance!

    I have a few questions about monitoring the Air Band. These questions are kinda all over the place so I will just list them below. 1) Is their a glossary of AIR jargon so I can understand what some of these acronyms/ lingo mean ? 2) What frequencies should I scan to get the most enjoyment...
  6. B

    Attic Antenna

    Looking to put an antenna in the attic, anyone have any tips? suggestions on what type of antenna to get? thank you.
  7. K

    Scanner recommendation for a newbie?

    Hey everybody! I am new to the amateur radio world. After listening to many scanner streams on the net ive decided to acquire my own. I live in Montreal CDN-NDG. Im especially interested in police frequency but the more variety in coverage the better of course. I understand i'll be needing...
  8. W

    New comer to MILCOM and SATCOM

    Hello, I am interested in listening to MILCOM and SATCOM. I have read the forum wikis about it however I am still confused regarding the amount of information to comprehend. Im just wondering, what is a good starter receiver and antenna setup to use for MILCOM? Im not interested in SATCOM as...
  9. D

    396XT Quick Tips

    I thought it would be good to have a sticky thread with quick tips about using the 396XT. No requests or long discussions in this thread, just "here's how you do this on the 396XT". I've been finding all sorts of little tricks that aren't obvious from the sparse documentation, and it would be...