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Using DM780 and MixW for MFSK modes


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Jul 22, 2002
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If the mod wants to move this, then please do so. But this question is directed at digital capable hams that are users of DM780 (part of Ham Radio Deluxe) and MixW.

Some of you may be familiar with the digital transmissions (lately using MFSK32 and 64) that are broadcast over a couple of HF stations. These were arranged by Dr. Kim Andrew Elliott (KD9XB) and it's purpose is to demo that digitally delivered news and images may be received with relatively simple gear and easy to obtain software in countries where jamming is a common problem. These tests have been primarily using FLDigi, with at least 1 or 2 also reported using MultiPSK. These 2 packages are also desirable because they use RSID - a way of identifying modes using a digital signal.

Now these 2 are not the only apps that cover this mode with these speeds. Having gotten the user guides for both DM780 and MixW, they both say they support MFSK - but at which speeds? The user guides don't mention this.

These 2 packages are also desirable because tests have been run with other modes such as Olivia. So the question is: do DM780 and MixW handle MFSK up to MFSK64 (or even MFSK128)? And how far do these packages support Olivia? Even Thor (no, not THAT Thor! hi) has been tested. It seems that Kim is sticking with the MFSK modes for now, but it's entirely possible that he might decide to try other modes in the future..

If you're curious about these broadcasts, here is the web page, along with the schedules of the stations. This page is updated fairly regularly, and announcements of tests go out on a few mailing lists, such as World of Radio.


If these packages do support the higher MFSK speed modes (as well as Olivia), Kim might have to make up a new page to list them as well.

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Dec 19, 2002
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Well, although I’m not versed in either mode, I can tell you that DM780 supports MFSK64 and MixW supports MFSK, but there is no indication as to speed. MixW does provide options for the various modes it supports, I.e. PSK31, PSK63 etc. but not for the MFSK mode. If I can squeeze the time out of my night later, I’ll try some digital spotting to see if anyone responds to my MixW call and, the, determine speed. My guess is MFSK16, but I’ll try to get a definitive answer.