1. **SOLD**Uniden 436HP Digital Scanner *Price reduced*

    **SOLD**Uniden 436HP Digital Scanner *Price reduced*

    Uniden 436HP Digital Scanner - includes antenna, MicroSD, belt clip, ac adapter, USB cable, and owners manual. Works and looks great. Free USPS Priority shipping to CONUS only.
  2. K

    Starcom21 Lincoln Weather

    In the past while scanning the full database on my 436HP, I heard Lincoln Weather giving reports to different counties on P25. Does anyone know the TGID used by Lincoln Weather?
  3. **SOLD** Uniden 436HP with DMR and Yellow Display

    **SOLD** Uniden 436HP with DMR and Yellow Display

    For sale: This is my 436HP with DMR that I changed the display color. No components were changed, I just added a film overlay to the LCD. This can be removed by taking off the front case. I have no problem removing it at the buyer's request prior to shipping. Other than that, it works great and...
  4. Uniden 436HP Scanner**Sold**

    Uniden 436HP Scanner**Sold**

    I have a Uniden 436HP scanner for sale. Includes antenna , microsd, SMA to BNC adapter . Free USPS Priority shipping to CONUS only. Works great, but no returns on used electronics.
  5. S

    Is the sds100 worth in in DFW

    I’ve scanned for a while, I currently use a HP2 I listen mainly to northeast tarrant county agencies on the layer 2 of the Fort Worth radio system. Aside from the added mobility, is upgrading to a sds100 going to be worth the money and potential headache? Would a 436hp be a better option for me...
  6. Uniden 436HP With all upgrades and extras

    Uniden 436HP With all upgrades and extras

    Includes original box, factory screen protector, microSD card, batteries, antenna, SMA-BNC adapter, wrist strap, manual, belt clip and USB cable. Includes all paid upgrades (ProVoice, DMR, and NXDN). Latest firmware has been loaded. Also included is a soft leather carry case with heavy duty...
  7. lucky43113

    Case and belt clip 436hp

    I need a Case and belt clip 436hp let me know what you have and price shipped to 43113
  8. tinocup

    BCD436HP: upgrade to SDS100

    I have read so many reviews like all of us most likely... now I would like to hear from actual owners... I have a 436hp that I can return still.... Trying to justify the additional expense I would incur to get the sds100.... is it worth it? thank you in advance
  9. M

    BCD436HP: 436 skips calls on Con+ system

    Hello, Ever since I got the 436HP and got the DMR key it's been 'skipping' calls on this system. So for example, DSD+ would show TGID 330200 on LSN 5 (LCN 3) but a conversation on LSN 13 (LCN 7) would be skipped entirely. There are some talkgroups that the scanner seems to favour like 327993...
  10. frazpo

    BCD436HP: Problems with N9600 conventional? NXDN

    I scan a N4800 trunked system with success. Couldn't be happier. However when I try to scan or sit on a N9600 conventional frequency I do not have much luck. With a TRX1 sitting next to the 436 I am missing a lot of traffic. During a lengthy radio transmission it may not break squelch for 3+...
  11. M

    Looking for BCD436HP multi frequency antenna

    OK Guys, I just picked up the very cool BCD436HP scanner and I want to upgrade the antenna to a good multi freq antenna and I'm looking for suggestions. Mag mount and/or whip. I'll be picking up the GPS receiver for this radio also, anyone else using one? Would like to hear feedback on how...
  12. E

    UBCD-3600XLT vs BCD436HP

    Hello, I'm looking at a scanner that can handle DMR, and would like it to handle Tier III and Capacity Plus as well. I can see that the 436HP has recently had an update that fixes some capacity plus issues, but that update doesn't seem to be available for the 3600XLT. It seems uncertain...
  13. T

    BCD436HP: How to listen to CB Frequencies

    Is it possible to listen to CB frequencies on the 436HP as well as store them as favorite's list? I am new to the digital arena and this scanner is a monster to learn compared to my analog days.
  14. O

    No Signal unless I hit the Function Button

    This is really odd. I have been scanning for years. But have not updated to a new scanner in a while. I decided on the 436HP. About 3 weeks after getting it I had to send it in because I broke the antenna off when I dropped it. Uniden repaired it and sent it back but I have been having the most...
  15. W4EMS

    TACN Middle TN 436HP

    Using a 436HP and monitoring middle TN. I find the scanner appears to hold on the various sites far longer than expected, often missing other groups (conventional and trunking) call. I only have the local sites programmed. Any thoughts on how to speed it up? TG are TEMA, THP District 3 and TDOT...
  16. J


    A little help please, we have a newer BCD436hp with the SD card in it. Several personnel have access to the scanner so buttons get pushed on it. So whos knows whats been happening to it. So I put in our zip code and then it starts to scan area EMS channels then it starts to scan 9 custom banks...
  17. S

    No audio for feed hosting on 436HP

    Currently providing the feed for a fire department in Maryland that has trunking channels. I am fairly new to this area and have everything setup and the feed is online however, my scanner is not scanning the list of channels in my favorites list. I have set up ProScan also, and have a...
  18. V

    Antenna question

    Are the OEM antenna's that come with the BCD436HP and the BCD396XT the same? I know they look alike, but wanted to be sure they are the same. There is actually a method to my question but won't bore you with the explanation. Many thanks.
  19. V

    BCD436HP: Is there a way?

    I just bought a BCD436HP and love it, especially the quality of decoding P25 in my area. A prior owner of A BCD396XT and a Home Patrol 1, thought there would be obvious similarities in programming as compared to the HP1, but I am having some troubles and am looking for answers/advice. First...
  20. K

    BCD436HP: 435 Boots As 536

    I was writing to the 436 when I realized the profile was incorrect. I clicked on the Cancel button and canceled to write. This cause the card to become corrupt. Cancel should not be an option if corruption occurs. I installed a backup 536 card and the 436 booted, and the boot message stated...