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    Cook Hill Issue-436 Band Plan Bad?

    Greetings All, I was visiting Maine a couple of weeks ago. I did some MSCOMMNET scanning with a 436hp and a PSR-500. I encountered an interesting problem monitoring in my mother's house. While monitoring the Cook Hill site, the 436hp consistently missed most of the transmissions, catching only...
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    BCD325P2: Trying to decide: 325P2 or 436HP ???

    I have a 996P2 which I really like and it is superior to my old 996XT for sure. I program my scanners w1ith software like ARC XT Pro, FreeScan and Proscan. I have a handheld Whistler 1050 which does okay but the limit of 20 Scan Lists is a big pain. So I want to bet a handheld scanner...
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    BCD436HP Backlight Dim

    I've had my 436hp for about 9 months now, when it's plugged in, I always have the back light on. The backlight on the 'high' setting is now less than half as bright as it was new out of the box, and the 'low' setting is almost completely without backlighting. I have heard of these types of...