1. P

    Downtown NYC antenna help!

    So I am new to the hobby, having just invested in a beautiful 996P2, I have it programmed with all the available frequencies and have been getting okay results. Local police (NYPD) comes in clear as a bell, as do the MTA bus operators and a few other services. Other than that, it's been pretty...
  2. N

    External GPS Engine/Antenna Help

    I've been searching around and I've seen a lot of mods for various GPS antennas, internal or external, for various scanners but none of them (that I could find) help with what I'm specifically looking for. I have had several vehicles with external NMO mount GPS antennas, and I have a whole box...
  3. JMR3865

    Whislter TRX-2 vs Uniden BCD996P2

    Ok; This may not go here but I need help. I couldn't post in either forumn because I'm looking at 2 different brands. Im 50/50 on going with the Whistler TRX-2 or the Uniden BCD996P2. Whats everyone's opinions?
  4. ladydebster

    Scanner Cutting on and out Issue

    Hello All! I am rather new to all this. I have a Uniden BCD996P2 and I was able to program it to scan in my area. However, when it finds something the sound cuts in and out and I am unable to follow the conversation. Is there a setting I am missing? I am using the Freescan software to...
  5. cnmsales

    BCD996P2: New scanner. Question about features

    Hey everyone. I got my new scanner in today and am interested in a few of the options but have questions. Regarding the tone alarms - if I turn this feature on does this play a warning on the audio feed (in streaming my device) or does it make an alarm on the physical decide with a light? Any...
  6. w1av

    "Simulcast" issues with Uniden BCD996P2 radio

    I was planning on finally getting a digital scanner till I read elsewhere on here about possible issues with simulcasts and this particular radio. I also don't know anyone else with a scanner. Would there be anyone here who would know how this radio handles simulcasts? I am not familiar with...
  7. gr8tff

    FFX Co P25 996p2 settings

    Does anyone have any specific tips for fine tuning the 996p2 for the FFX p25 system? LSM is creating some major headaches at the receivers location.
  8. N

    325P2 performance

    i bought a new 325P2 and initially liked it. I ran a test against my 996P2 and the reception was much poorer than the 996P2. I had both scanners being fed with the same Diamond Discone antenna, through my Stridsberg Multicoupler. Both scanners had the exactly identical program installed by my...