allegheny county

  1. C

    Allegheny County,Butler County, Digital or Analog

    Question is Allegheny County and Butler County digital or analog ? I am thinking of getting back into scanning and would like to start with a low cost scanner or am I better off just buy one of the digital models? Thanks
  2. F

    Allegheny County ferquency

    I was wondering what the frequency of the Allegheny County Fire and EMS channel is? I have the 5-0 app for my Ipad and am listening to it but I cant find any info on it so I can listen to it on my scanner. Anyone with info would be a great help. Thanks
  3. B

    Allegheny County Radio- Eastern Police Frequency

    I am trying to find the Eastern Area Police radio frequency that covers EDGEWOOD, SWISSVALE, WILKINSBURGH and RANKIN POLICE DEPARTMENTS. I seem to find every other listing except that one. Does anyone know where I can find it or how it can become available?
  4. C

    Clicks and Pops

    I stream the Allegheny County West Fire feed under Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and on my feed is a constant clicking and popping that is really annoying. I've also heard this on some other feeds. Does anybody know what could be causing this and how to fix it? Thanks, Chad
  5. benaglio

    Radio Shack Pro-106

    Greetings - I am completely new to the modern world of Scanners - and I need somewhere to start. My wife purchased me a Pro-106 scanner. We live in Gibsonia, PA (15044), and our local police/fire department is Hampton Township. I have a print-out from a friend of mine who works for the...
  6. I

    What frequency does the Allegheny County Coroner and Fire Marshall Use ?

    I was hoping that someone may know what frequencies are used for the Allegheny County Coroner and Fire Marshalls of Allegheny County. I know that they use to use 470.3375 but that is know used by the Sheriffs office of Allegheny exclusively I do believe. I have not heard the Coroner or the Fire...
  7. I

    help in finding LaRoche College security frequency is

    I was hoping that someone may know the the frequency that LaRoche College uses for security operations. Also the unit numbering system used by the college for the security officers?? Thanks in advance of the imformation!!!!
  8. I

    Frequencies for Shuman Center and Triangle Pet Animal Control!!!

    I was hoping that someone may know the frequencies that Shuman Juvenile Detention Center and Triangle Pet Animal Control uses for their daily opertional useage. I have been trying to find these frequencies for ever and have not been very sucessful. I would truly appreciate it if someone out...