1. L

    Jim M75 Pre-Amplifier With Pro-197

    Where would you place a pre amp on a 100 foot 50x2 BNC cable …. Closer to the scanner base or as close to the antenna as I can get? Thanks for your help
  2. J

    Any good uhf/vhf amplifier DIY kit for HT?

    I was looking to build an amplifier from a DIY kit for uhf/vhf. Is there such a thing to have dual band? Or would I need 2 separate ones? Either way, if you know of some good DIY kits, please post the link below. I am using uhf/vhf HT 5watts. Uv5r and ft3d. I don't know enough about...
  3. C

    new RTL-SDR Wideband low noise amplifier

    Wondering if anyone has seen the new RTL-SDR Blog Wideband LNA product yet? Seems to have been announced on sept 4th. Specs show: Frequency range of 50 MHz to 4000 MHz Noise figure = 0.6dB @ 900 MHz OIP3 = 39.5 dBm @ 900 MHz P1...
  4. A

    WorkPlace Antenna

    Hello I was wondering if anyone would have any suggestions for a nice antenna that could be inside of an office. I’m right beside the windows but this building was built in 1961 and it seems to block my signals pretty good. I tried a little Tram antenna inside the office but im coming over a bit...
  5. P

    Two Signal Amplifiers on a Single Antenna?

    Hello, I've just found the top of the rabbit hole that I was in for the last hour getting lost digging through this forum. There's allot of knowledge here and I was wondering if someone could help lead me through my signal issue I'm trying to solve. I have two signal amplifiers on...
  6. S

    Signal Amplifer

    Hi all, I am new to the scanner world. I was wondering if and in-line signal amplifier like one used for TV and FM would work on my Uniden BCD996P2 scanner with the stock antenna. One like this:
  7. V

    Could you turn this radio right?

    I have been building an AM radio, and when powered on I was picking up what id presume to be radio waves (what I'd describe as a mishmash of "whooshing" sporadic oscillations). Alright all items for this project are the following: x1 MAX4026EWP+T op amp IC chip x2 1000 microfarad capacitors...
  8. D

    help I want new ideas to pass a medical signal

    I am a dentist that sedates patients. We have multiple safety protocols in place to ensure that they are absolutely without a doubt safe. Sometimes I need to leave the room. A trained assistant is always in the room watching monitors. When I leave the room, I need to hear them breathing the...
  9. B

    Need advice on filter capacitor

    I am mounting a 120 cm 12 Vdc cooling fan to my RM ITALY KL 60 amp for 12Vdc mobile use. Both units will be supplied in parallel by a dash-mounted rocker switch. I want to make sure the fan doesn't induce a buzz into the xmit of the amp. Amp frequency range is 26-28 Mhz. How do I figure out what...
  10. M

    Hackrf + RF PA

    I have been trying to find and understand the correct information about this. I purchased a mini circuits amplifier thinking it was something else. I ended up with a Medium Power amplifier ZHL-1042. My interest was to purchase an LNA and ended up with a PA. My questions are the following: I...
  11. H

    need some input from the experts

    I have a uniden bearcat 980ssb and i just ordered a rm italy kl203p amplifier for it. i have a 3 foot firestik antenna and its as long as i can get it and the swr's are about 1.45 on channel 40 and 1.00 on channel 1. im worried that with this amp i may raise my swr's to much. What do you guys...
  12. F

    Linear Amp Help

    Hello, I was wondering if I could have a little help with this CB Linear Amp I found recently. There is no make/model on it so I have not been finding anything on the internet about it. However, on the front it says "SS-600V". This leads me to believe it is home-made. The amp powers up and the...
  13. B

    PSR800 Antenna

    Good morning fellow forum members. I just received my new PSR800 and it is working great. I have been out of the scanning hobby for over 25 years and WOW,thing have sure changed!! For the better I must add!! The new scanner is working very well without any problems at all setting up everything...
  14. K4AOL

    RCI 2995DX

    What is a good amp to run with this radio? Before you try to explain to me linears are illegal, I know just don't care.
  15. NFR85

    WRP-2500 Pre-Amplifier Questions

    I was wonder if anyone has this? WRP-2500 Pre-Amplifier for Wideband Scanners I would like to get feedback from you guys see what you think. And if I did get it how would I hook it up to my scanner? It's a Uniden BCD996t. Thanks for your help Bryan
  16. hogshine

    Swr, Antenna light and linear amp problem

    I just got a cobra 29ltd and a wilson 1000 magnet mount antenna and have had for a few years a Texas star DX 667V. Now to get you guys up to speed, I mounted the radio under my dash of my chevy pickup. Ran the power of the radio to the fuse box and hooked into the a fuse and grounded it there on...
  17. D

    Dumb question about amps for scanner antenna

    Hello everyone, First of all I know this is probably a really stupid idea but I'm just trying to consider all my potential options. I have a very long cable run from my Scantenna ST-2 to my 3 scanners that I run, total run of about 240'. I'm using tri-shielded RG6 direct burial from the tower...
  18. S

    Wawasee Black Cat JB 75

    Hello!! I'm just trying to dig up some info on the JB 75 mobile 10 meter amplifier by Wawasee electronics. If anyone has any knowledge of these amplifiers, I'd be happy to hear what you know. Thanks and 73.