1. N

    BCD536HP: Siren app and newest Android Note 8 software update

    I believe this is the correct location for this post. I recently did the software update for my Android Note 8. Now when I use the siren app I get all kinds of error pop ups and crashes. This only happens when using the siren app. Prior to the Android update I wasn't having any...
  2. H

    How about sdr for android cell phone?

    Anyone fooled with this? I have a Samsung android cell phone S7 but also have an older Samsung Galazy S3 available, with the micro usb to female usb adapter and a DVB-T+DAB+FM RTL-SDR device. I have downloaded from the play store to the cell phone the SDR Touch app. That's as far as I have...
  3. jmayson

    GPS-aware app for Android

    I thought about this while driving back from New Mexico last week. All of the scanner apps I have used are GPS-aware in that they can offer nearby feeds. Is there an app that will automatically switch as you travel from jurisdiction to jurisdiction? That way you're always listening to the locals.
  4. P

    Share AIS Data?

    Hi Folks, We are the creators of an app called Boat Beacon - an AIS navigation app for sailors with iPhone and Android. Boat Beacon includes boat positions, collision detection alerts and alarms for small boat users - essentially so they can have the benefits of an AIS-like system on their...
  5. visegrip72

    win500 Client for Android - Listen anywhere!

    Just released! For all of you with win500 and a compatible scanner, there is now an Android client for win500! Hook up your scanner to win500 with the data cable and an audio patch cable and you can listen to and control your scanner in the other room or anywhere you have internet access...
  6. C

    Mobile compatible stream player

    Is there a embedded stream player that is compatible with mobile devices that do not use Flash? I know there are apps that will play streams and I do have my web page identify mobile users and point them to the apps. It's not a big deal but I figured if somebody just wanted to listen and...
  7. M

    Do you know about Maxthon Browser?

    Yeah, Maxthon Android Web Browser is the world's quickest browser in the world but for android moblie phones, tabs etc. I don't recommend you this for pc's or laptops. But if you have an android phone then you must have it.. Download here for free...
  8. R


    Anyone else using smartphone to listen to scanner radio? I have been using these two android apps. It works pretty well. police scanner police scanner code lookup...
  9. police_scanners

    iOS / Android apps

    Hi, I'm currently trying to collect a list of iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) and Android apps which might be useful for scanning. There seem to be quite a few live audio feed apps out there. I'm wandering what else you're all using, and also which app you tried but didn't like?
  10. J

    Android control of 996XT

    Is there and application that will allow control and / or display of a 996XT on an Android tablet? I have a Motorola Xoom 10.1" running A 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). I would like to effectively mimic the scanners display on the Xoom in the truck. R/ Joe
  11. 0

    is there a demand for a mobile casting app?

    I have been considering jamming out code for such an app because my own searches for anything like it lead nowhere. Unless I'm searching with wrong terms? Certainly, I have Some expectations for what I want but it seems as though it hasn't been done yet. This app should (on a...
  12. B

    MyScanner - New android app

    Hi guys, Just released my latest app, MyScanner. You can download it on Google Play I appreciate if you guys could help me make it better by giving some feedback. Thanks.
  13. scanphreak

    Help: ProScan Webserver Stream to Android device

    I have Proscan 5.6 on my windows 7 machine, and currently I have the web server enabled and I have no problem getting the web server on Dauphin HD browser on my Android device, however when I click on the "listen" link I get a message saying nothing available to play this file format. I...
  14. T

    Android App - Reconnect problem

    Using the Scanner Radio app on android. Was working great for months. Now, suddenly, disconnects/reconnects after 30 seconds. Uninstall/reinstall no go. Moved to phone no/go. Any ideas? Love this app......
  15. C

    New Users * Mobile Phone Stuff

    F.N.G. (campbellts) here looking for help/support/info etc related to live feed scanning on mobile cell phones. Im using a zte android 3g. Seems the Adobe flash player is NOT supported on this make/model. Any workarounds out there? Im using a gordon edwards scanner/player that is working...
  16. S

    Android App Wanted like Scanner Live

    Looking for a good Android application like Scanner Live that I have on my PC
  17. L

    Android app sync with online upgrade?

    I just bought the RadioReference app for my tablet computer and love it. I now want to view archived stuff and it says I need to upgrade to "Premium". It seems to direct me to the website, so I came here and opened up an account. But if I upgrade to Premium online will that sync with my...
  18. W

    New Android App Worldwide Repeater Locator

    Repeater Finder....follow this link for more info! Bob W2CYK New Android App RFinder...your worldwide repeater directory
  19. M

    Android Streaming - Is there a way to auto-mute other apps?

    I use Scanner Radio on my Droid (great app!). One issue I'd like to solve involves muting audio from other apps when the Scanner squelch is broken. It'd be a nice feature to add to this app, but even BETTER would be to find an app that acts as a traffic cop, so you could prioritize what apps...
  20. C

    Mobile (Android) Scanner Question

    I have been using the BB player app for my Blackberry and love it! Unfortunately I am upgrading my phone to a Motorola CLIQ and will not be able to use the BB Scanner. Anyone know of an app for Android phones that will have the capability to listen to the scanners like the BB Player? Thanks