1. panoboy

    H-CPM demodulation using SDR

    Is there any SDR software which can demodulate H-CPM? If not, are there unique challenges which make this difficult or is it due to a lack of interest? Thanks.
  2. Whistler TRX-2 - 1 month old - Upgrades - NXDN/DMR/MotoTRBO/ P25 Phase 1&2

    Whistler TRX-2 - 1 month old - Upgrades - NXDN/DMR/MotoTRBO/ P25 Phase 1&2

    Whistler TRX-2 still under warranty just used a few time. Adult Non-Smoking hosehold - never outside / no scratches. Great scanner - I just don't need it afterall. See my feedback. Upgrades: Remtronix Antenna (much better) - will include stock telescopic Upgraded 32gb SD Card for more...
  3. ***SOLD*** WTS: Whistler TRX-1 and TRX-2

    ***SOLD*** WTS: Whistler TRX-1 and TRX-2

    Looking to sell my two whistlers that I have had over the years to take a further dive into the SDR world. What is pictured is what goes with it. The handheld is missing the clip and olive drab insert for the case. The base/mobile is missing the bracket, network cable(for different placement for...
  4. BCD996XT


    Excellent condition Uniden BCD996XT P25 scanner Programmed w/ all non-encrypted public safety systems in Colorado, as well as adjacent areas of WY, NE, KS, OK, NM and UT including all system/site coordinates for mobile use with GPS. Includes AC adapter, antenna, vehicle mounting bracket...
  5. TrentMayes

    Preble County switching to MARCS

    I am trying to program Preble County and Eaton/New Madison into my BCD996P2. All went good except for a single error. It said there was no APCO band plan. I only jump on here to update my scanner from time to time, so I'm still a novice to the P25 system. I can't find anything about what...
  6. I

    SoCal General Radio License (PG)

    Hello all, I am looking into getting a license for General Radiotelephone Operator and looking at the FCC website the only classes that are available for me to take would be in Northern California. Does anyone know if there are classes in Sothern California? I am looking for a job in the radio...
  7. U

    Miami-Dade Police

    Using a BCD436HP, seems to be picking up the system and the sites, but there are almost no communications. Are they using this system? Do I need additional equipment to hear them?
  8. B

    Saratoga County P25 with Uniden BCD996XT Help

    I recently purchased a uniden BCD996XT digital scanner and programmed it for the Saratoga County digital system using the radio reference import option via freescan software. I cannot pick up any signals on the system. I've searched high and low and have seen others with this problem but no...
  9. A

    Detroit Scanner Freqs and Radios

    Hi All, The live stream for Detroit Police Department is down, and has been for a while: Detroit Police Live Scanner Audio Feed I am a licensed amateur radio operator and member of our neighborhood radio patrol. I would like to monitor this, and potentially bring a feed back online. I...
  10. B

    BC396T Digital P25 Help Please

    I hope this is the right forum for my questions because I am using a Uniden BC396T. I am a long time conventional scanner, and an even longer time trunk tracker; but I am very new to this digital P25 TVRTS. I have three sites for the areas I live work and frequent. With my trunk scanning, I have...
  11. M

    Efjohnson launches atlas™ p25 systems solution at apco

    EFJOHNSON LAUNCHES ATLAS™ P25 SYSTEMS SOLUTION AT APCO ATLAS offers the most flexible LMR system solution in the industry IRVING, Texas – August 4, 2011 – EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. announced today that it will unveil its new ATLAS™ P25 Systems Solution at the Association of Public Safety...
  12. carddude99

    apco 25 on home patrol by uniden

    I have a Home Patrol. The only apco 25 system is military and it has signal as I can see on the bar, but nothing comes out except a little click noise. Does that mean it is encrypted. Isn't Apco 25 supposed to be recieved on a digital scanner? Anyone from the Northwest, can you help me here...
  13. PuPP

    Estevan frequencies

    I am looking for any frequencies in Estevan Sask. especially the emergency frequencies. only frequency I find is city police on 854.9375. I thought all police fire and ems went to p25. If someone has a saskatchewan p25 file for a bc996xt would be much appreciated
  14. N

    APCO 25 Phase 2

    Does anyone have info on when phase 2 of the P25 in Michigan or any where else, will start rolling out? My concern is, the Phase 2, I am told, will use FDMA which todays scanners can not pick up. If this is years off, great, but I saw some documentation from the State of MI dated back in 1997...
  15. B

    Midland STP-105B Syntech III P25 Portable

    Have been doing some research on the radio and coming up blank as far as user comments or feedback is concerned. Anybody use them and if so what are your thoughts, and how does it compare to some of the other P25 portables on the market. I really like the channels, user functions and other...