1. Uniden BCD436 HP scanner $350 with extra antenna

    Uniden BCD436 HP scanner $350 with extra antenna

    I have for sale a 436 hand held scanner. Bought it off here with no box or manual. Software is online as is the manual. I have a usb cord for you to use for power. This also can use AAA batteries of your choice. I can also give you a magnet mount antenna, that can be used in your car or in the...
  2. M

    NEW Control Channel for Lee County APCO-25

    So the control channel for APCO-25 for Lee County Public safety stopped working today at around 9:30AM The old FREQ was 855.9625 The new one is 855.6625MHz that's currently working.. I found it by trial an error and looking at lee county frequencies licensed to that transmitter. Submitted to...
  3. Greedo25

    Kent County will borrow $25 million to fund police radio upgrades

    News article just crossed the wires: Kent County will borrow $25 million to fund police radio upgrades | MLive.com Kent county planning to convert to APCO25 over the next 2-3 years. -Greedo
  4. G

    Unitrunker/Airspy - cant decode at all

    Hi all, I've recently bought an Airspy Mini and have discovered local emergency and other services use a 864MHz APCO25 trunk network. Manually tuning around the area i can see and hear the control channels clearly and also snippets of clear analogue audio on the various channels surrounding...
  5. J

    How to create a bootable OP25 (and more) USB drive

    Hi, I thought that I would post a brief summary of the process that I used to create a bootable USB drive to run OP25. Hopefully others may benefit. Assumptions: - You know how to boot from a USB drive - You have at least a cursory familiarity with Ubuntu, including how to setup networking...
  6. skywavesli

    PRO-106 occasionally no audio with Talkgroup

    Hi, I just bought my PRO-106 and programmed it with WIN500 using RadioReference. I'm monitoring a Motorola Type II APCO25/analog mix trunking system. Everything works fine however, occasionally a APCO25 talkgroup will come on but there's no audio. The transmission lasts long enough to make...
  7. A

    SDRSharp + Unitrunker. Lockout all feature?

    Hello, I've finally got Unitrunker up and running with a FunCube and RTL + SDR#, it's great however there's one particular system that I track that gets a TON of activity (Detroit City Simulcast) and so the scanner goes a bit wild switching from one group to the other, sometimes cutting off in...
  8. R

    Dauphin APCO 25

    I have a Uniden BC250D scanner with the digital card installed. I'm trying to pick up the Dauphin system with this scanner. So far I can't seem to pick anything up using the frequencies from here. I am able to pick the system up on a Radio Shack Pro-197 using the same frequencies from here...
  9. xstr

    Hard to receive Petersburg anymore.

    Just wondering if after they got the system in place running did they cut the power back? About 6 months ago I got calls from several people claiming they couldn't hear Petersburg system anymore on their PRO-96. I live almost within eyesight of the Wagner Rd tower and the signal varies from...
  10. S

    165.49 what agency is this?

    Have been hearing this in the Abilene area over the last couple of weeks. It's generally encrypted apco-25 comms with analog-sounding databursts [squawks] now and then. I have heard 1 set of comms that were un-encrypted apco25 on Friday morning, it just consisted of "alpha-920 to alpha-206 on...
  11. J

    BC250D digital upgrade or new BCD396XT?

    I've recently moved to Gainesville, FL (Alachua County) and to my dismay, learned the public safety system is an APCO 25 system. Since I mostly only monitor local public safety and assuming I can locate one, can I "get away" with just purchasing the BCI25D digital card for my BC250D, or do I...
  12. C

    P25 Trunked scanning question

    I have a BCD 396T scanner. I live in Colorado where the fire dept I work for uses the P25 statewide system. I am having trouble getting my head around the correct programming method for this system and my scanner. I have the correct channel trunk ID's and have them programmed. As I...
  13. G

    PRO-2096 Digital decoding issues

    I just received by "repaired" scanner after 4 months at RS service in FL. But I still have the same problem. The scanner decodes digital signals for a few minutes to 1/2 hr after being turned on, then stops. All I hear is the raw digital feed on the APCO 25 channels. It seems like a heat...