1. drbeede

    Arkansas statewide mobile in use?

    I just seen this today in the FCC site when I did a ULS search can someone shed some light on this? Are the state police actually using this or maybe for backup? I attached the reference copy of the license. Grant date was today 1-5-2023 Call Sign: KA5104 Frequencies: 44.62 44.66 44.74...
  2. B

    LR fire Rescue channel

    why did this disappear? They still use it I know for rescue/medical type calls. Does anyone know the ID for it?
  3. T

    Arkansas Police Scanner help for a newbie! Please!

    Hello, I’m new to scanner radio and have a question. I live in North Central Arkansas. And my county’s PD will suddenly switch to encrypted traffic and once they’re done talking about whatever they don’t want heard they turn it back off. The traffic sounds really robotic and you can almost make...
  4. U

    TYT *default//OEM* programming software

    You may have seen my other post regarding my new TYT TH-8600 and using RT Systems to program it. That's a separate conversation and I appreciate everyone's replies. This conversation has to do with TYT's programming software they package with their radios. I've had no issues programming about...
  5. K

    Springdale might move to AWIN

    Article on today’s Arkansas Democrat Gazette says Springdale isn’t happy with their newish NXDN system. “The current radio system has distortions and interruptions of signals in portions of the city that have defied attempts to fix, Sprouse and Peters told the council. "Every time we do...
  6. B

    Evaluating repeaters

    Hi everyone, I am on the security team of a church in Central Arkansas. We have two buildings that are roughly 300 - 400 yards apart (door to door). The distance for transmissions can often be further as a security team member could be transmitting from anywhere in the building. As a result...
  7. D

    AWIN Portables

    Does anyone know where I can purchase about 5 Portable AWIN radios. SPECS: Must have a display. Must have 48 or more channel capability. Must be 700/800Mhz capable. Analog/P25 Digital/SmartZone capable. H-38, SmartZone Systems Operation Q308, Astro Digital Operation Q173, SmartZone Omnilink...
  8. mgolden2

    Springdale PD

    I was told by an employee of Springdale PD that they are getting a new radio system in the beginning of 2016 but they didnt know the details. I assume it will be P25 digital trunking, but does anyone else know any other details? Freqs, control channels, TG ID's, VHF/UHF/800 MHz, etc? And most...
  9. K

    Springdale going digital

    Article in today's Morning News of Northwest Arkansas has the details. They are going to Kenwood Nexedge. The article is behind a paywall, but the gist is they are switching in the next 1.5 years after remodeling the dispatch center. There is a contradictory statement in the article regarding...
  10. B

    Little Rock Update

    Does anyone have any info on the status of the Little Rock area upgrade to digital? How much longer maybe?
  11. A

    Central AR by County for PRO-106 and PRO-197

    I worked hard to make this program for my PRO-106. It's useful for central Arkansas. AWIN, Pulaski, Faulkner, Lonoke, Saline, Perry, Jefferson, Grant, White Maybe this will save some of you guys time in setting up your RadioShack scanners! Let me know if you guys have any suggestions. I'm...
  12. K

    1st Activation of Horseshoe Island - K5H

    The Noise Blankers Radio Group will use K5H as they activate Horseshoe Island for the first time on Beaver Lake near Rogers, Arkansas, as part of the U.S. Islands Awards Program. Time: Sunday, September 30, 2012; 0900 - 1700 Central Time (1400 - 2200 UTC); Weather permitting. Suggested...
  13. MasterScan40

    Changes in AR AWINS

    On several dates in August, 2012, AWINS was shut down and changes were made. RadioReference or others who might know this information should update it on this website. Someone verified that Boone County, AR would be "changing" pretty quickly, so everyone be aware and let's all get info updated.
  14. S

    Lake Ouachita & Lake Hamilton Freq???

    Looking for water patrol freq. for Lake Ouachita & Lake Hamilton???
  15. badlans

    Entergy in China?

    I wanted more info on Entergy's trunked system in Arkansas. So, I go to the Entergy page and click on "RR Locations" for that system. There is one data point in the middle of China that just screws up my whole perception of reality. Is there any chance that this coordinate is a mistake? If...
  16. mdmceuensr

    Lonoke County TGID

    I'm still fairly new to the scanner scene, and I love it!!! I'm asking for a little help to find some "Hidden" TGIDs for the Lonoke County SO on my PRO~106 Scanner. The RadioReference database shows the following for LCSO. 21201 ~ LCSO Multi-talk 21203 ~ Lonoke Countywide 21204 ~ LCSO Dispatch...
  17. K

    Ark. bill being discussed

    Thought this might be of interest to the group. It apparently passed in committee today. HB1316: "An act to allow the Arkansas Department of Health to utilize radio encryption to protect confidential patient data." Here's the link: HB1316
  18. B

    Unknown Little Rock Talk Group

    While listening over the past few months I have been picking up an unknown talk group ID (528). I know its the police because of what is being said but just can not figure out what the talk group is for. Anyone have an idea?
  19. B

    Little Rock P25

    Does anyone know if Little Rock will be upgrading to a digital system and if so when.
  20. K

    news article: Fayetteville Eyes Radio System

    For those of you in northwest Arkansas, there is an article in today's Morning News detailing Fayetteville's plans to purchase a "Motorola Astro 23 LE digital wireless communication system." The article says the system will tie into AWIN and money/funds received so far must be used within three...