1. M

    BCD996P2: MN ARMER Digital: BCD996XT to BCD996P2

    I have two 996XT's that receive the MN ARMER digital trunking system just fine, purchased a new 996P2, transferred the programming via FreeSCAN, the 996P2 is completely quite. My first thought was that I had a bad scanner, returned it but same problem with the second new one. Prigramming...
  2. unclebubba

    Chisago County

    I’m sharing to see if there are any north metro listeners of Chisago County that want to help fill in some missing spots on my worksheet. At a radio board meeting in 2014 Chisago County asked for 56 additional talkgroups so the county would have a total of 150. I’ve found nothing else to...
  3. M

    Minneapolis Police Carried on Which Towers?

    Trying to tune into Minneapolis Police from Maple Grove, but it seems like they’re not simulcast the Hennepin County West site. Which control/site would be best to try from Maple Grove to hear MPD talkgroups? Thanks!
  4. lurch89

    Fargo PD Encryption

    Well, some of us saw this day coming. It finally happened though. Fargo PD channels 1 and 2 are now full-time encrypted. They also have an ARMER patch right now ahead of the planned migration of Cass County (ND) over to ARMER, and that has had encryption turned on at the system level. I just...
  5. ae5yy

    Assistance in monitoring conventional p25

    Problematic Unmuting issue with scanning of conventional P25 personalities --- See programming information below We all start somewhere...My XTL5000 programming went off without a hitch. Maybe someone can help Elmer me on this older HT. Newbie over here! Okay trying to listen to simulcast...
  6. J

    Do I need all sites in a county enabled?

    New here, Crow Wing County, Uniden BCD536HP, I've scanned a lot in the vhf days, ham license, but never ARMER. Crow Wing has 5 sites I think, Baxter, Crosby, Jenkins, Garrison, Emily, Cass has several too, Pillager closest to me, leader seems strong too. Do I need these all enabled? or just...
  7. J

    Programing and setup question

    Hey everyone, I have been a scanner enthusiast for 15 years starting out with a pro-93 and upgrading to a pro-96 and for the last few years been using a bcd-396xt. So I am not exactly new to this, to trunking, or even to ARMER. I haven't really mastered the 396 yet. It's more of a time...
  8. T

    Question about a certain system (ARMER)

    I am looking at getting in scanning and what not. New enough I don't even know what the what not part is. I see that in my state almost the entire state is on something called ARMER. The question I have is what equipment do I need to scan/listen to this? Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency...
  9. K0EKL

    New ARMER site on the air - Soudan, MN

    In the past few weeks a new tower was erected northeast of Soudan, MN. I noticed today that the site is live. Whereas in the past I could only get a signal by mounting a yagi at the 30 foot level of one of my towers and aiming it at the Babbitt/Argo lake site I now get a full-scale signal in my...
  10. M

    I'm now digital and I have questions

    I finally have a new radio to replace my 246T. After moving to Minnesota I was unable to use due to P25. I now have a 396XT and am doing the programming for it. I think I have the structure of ARMER figured out, or at least enough to get by for now. I do have some questions though. 1) For lack...
  11. N

    Update on Austin/Mower County Digital transition

    Radio update may be delayed | Austin Daily Herald Basically we have a plan in place to update radio equipment on the 14th Street Northwest water tower, but the city doesn't want the tower left unpainted if equipment and new paint can’t be completed before winter for fear of rusting. That could...
  12. K

    800MHz Armer Base Station Antenna

    I am looking for a Base Station Antenna to put on my tower about 50 feet up to scan the Minnesota Armer system. The antenna will be connected to a Uniden BCD396XT and possibly other Uniden scanners in the future. I need the best in the 850 to 861 range, however the armer system is licensed in...
  13. M

    Life Link ARMER Participation Plan

    Does anyone have a copy of the Life Link ARMER Participation plan that they would be willing to share? It would be appreciated. Also, i don't know if Gold Cross's plan has been published but i would interested in giving that a look as well. Thanks, Matt
  14. X

    ARMER Sites

    I'm looking at ARMER sites in Benton county. The latest map shows sites at Gilman, Duelm, and Blue Wing. Only one of these, Gilman, appears to be in the RadioReference database. Is the database behind? I'm trying to update my PRO-2096 and can't seem to find the sites to go with the talkgroups...
  15. fwfdengine2

    Steele County Migration to ARMER

    Steele County is starting their migration onto the ARMER system. Please post TGID's and other information as you discover it... Date Site TGID VHF Simulcast? Description 06/13/2011 Owatonna 22407 No Owatonna Fire Department - Training...
  16. honestspider

    BCD996XT Garbled Reception

    I recently purchased a BCD996XT and installed it as a mobile in my truck. Useing ARC-XT Pro, I programmed the surrounding counties and cities where I live that are on the MN ARMER system. I have a Maxrad 800mhz nmo antenna on my roof that I used with my BCD996T, and it seemed to work very...
  17. davef3138

    County, Township at odds over tower

    The tower in question holds one of the sites in the ARMER Carver/Scott subsystem: Who should take over radio tower: County or township? |
  18. fwfdengine2

    Rochester FD Simulcast

    I know that the Rochester, Minnesota Fire Department is on the ARMER System. Is there a simulcast of the talkgroup id's? I believe that the dispatch may be 154.370, but I am not sure. Anybody got anything? Thanks, fwfdengine2
  19. J

    PRO-197 Programming Problems - MN ARMER

    Anybody here have any advice for programming the 197 to monitor Minnesota ARMER ? I'm manually programming a friend's PRO-197 scanner. I thought I had the scanner properly programmed, but I'm getting nothing. I don't care to buy the cloning software as I own a PRO-96 and already own that...
  20. fwfdengine2

    ARMER Question

    Hi, Does anybody know what kind of scanner you would need to get to moniter the Minnesota ARMER system. Does it have to be digital? Any suggestions on witch scanner to get? Also would the Uniden BC246T or the Uniden BC346XT work? Thanks, fwfdengine2