1. S

    Washington County Emergency Management

    Seems like Washington County Sheriff/Emergency Management has gone live on AWIN. Currently monitoring TGs to find what they are, if there is a question-mark it is unconfirmed. Anybody who wants to monitor and contribute is appreciated. I currently have: TGID ID 53692 Central EMS...
  2. C

    Min Radio Software Requirements to work on AWIN System

    I am trying to get quotes on radios to add to AWIN system. I'm getting different software options on different quotes. I need to know what are the minimum software requirements for a radio to operate on the AWIN system. This is one quote for a portable. I know the Digital Tone Signaling is...
  3. INDY72

    Washington County Wants AWIN

    I reported and asked for move for ya.
  4. K

    Springdale might move to AWIN

    Article on today’s Arkansas Democrat Gazette says Springdale isn’t happy with their newish NXDN system. “The current radio system has distortions and interruptions of signals in portions of the city that have defied attempts to fix, Sprouse and Peters told the council. "Every time we do...
  5. D

    AWIN Portables

    Does anyone know where I can purchase about 5 Portable AWIN radios. SPECS: Must have a display. Must have 48 or more channel capability. Must be 700/800Mhz capable. Analog/P25 Digital/SmartZone capable. H-38, SmartZone Systems Operation Q308, Astro Digital Operation Q173, SmartZone Omnilink...
  6. K

    ASP "private"

    I heard an ASP Trooper on AWIN ask another trooper at an accident "do you have your private on?" Other Trooper answered, "No, I don't have my county hooked up." So, they briefly chatted on the AWIN talkgroup. So, what is the "private" frequency?
  7. U

    Pro 106 and AWIN

    I recently upgraded to a RadioShack Pro 106 and am new to the AWIN system. I am wanting to program most of the towers in the state if not all. What would be the best way? Create individual systems (based on a set number of counties, i.e AWIN 1 with Faulkner, Pulaski, Saline, Lonoke)? Does one...
  8. S

    Little Rock Police

    Congrats to the person streaming Little Rock Police Department. You are the official reason cited last week by LR 911 Ops for them going to full encryption across all police channels. This inlcudes the main and secondary dispatch channels, so the rest of us are left in the dark. So, for...
  9. badlans

    AWIN Oddness

    I've noticed something odd in the AWIN listing. The RR listing for the SPRINGDALE site shows that the site is in Washington County. However, if you look at the map, the site is actually in Madison County. I have no idea why they named the site SPRINGDALE in the first place -- it's nowhere...
  10. J

    Awin issues

    I have a pro-18 useing the iscan software that came with it, when listening to awin the transmissions cut out like the radio stops transmitting I live in jackson county the closest awin tower is at oakland but I dont get any transmissions from it. The ones I get are from independence county...
  11. aspclay

    LRFD feed has new scanner

    I just put a new and better scanner on the Little Rock Fire Department feed last night. I still have some tweaking to do but it should sound better and be more reliable! It is an AWIN compatible scanner that will help for the upgrade... keep reading... :) GOOD NEWS!!!! On a side note, all the...
  12. aspclay

    All Pulaski County Agencies switching to AWIN

    The following is from the AWIN Quarterly Newsletter-January 2012 Proposals Approved to Add Little Rock , Jacksonville Systems..... The end of 2011 marked the beginning of some big changes for the Arkansas Wireless Information Network (AWIN) as the city of Fayetteville became a full time...
  13. N

    AWIN Reception Problems in NE Arkansas

    Since a couple of weeks ago, I'm not receiving any AWIN transmissions on my PRO-197 scanner. I use the ARC500 software to program the scanner, downloading the frequency and TG information from the database. I assumed the nearby sites may have rebanded, and followed the...
  14. mdmceuensr

    Lonoke County TGID

    I'm still fairly new to the scanner scene, and I love it!!! I'm asking for a little help to find some "Hidden" TGIDs for the Lonoke County SO on my PRO~106 Scanner. The RadioReference database shows the following for LCSO. 21201 ~ LCSO Multi-talk 21203 ~ Lonoke Countywide 21204 ~ LCSO Dispatch...
  15. T

    VHF UHF AWIN System Operation Explanation?

    Hi All. I'm currently working with my county's OEM on getting some AWIN radios for the different agencies throughout the county. so that in the event of a large scale emergency all the county agencies can communicate with each other. We currently have several VHF repeater systems in place and I...