1. gcopter1

    Key back light question

    Is there a way to have the key back light come on when the squelch breaks?
  2. K

    TRX-2 Backlight

    1. At present the backlight comes on at "turn on" time, then goes off when the scanner starts functioning in the scan mode, and comes on for only a second or two when the scan stops on a communication. How do I set up the scanner so that the TRX-2 screen backlight is lit at all times when the...
  3. J

    WS1080: noob:Help with screen backlight settings

    I recently bought a 1080 and have done all the software,firemware,library updates. My screen LCD keeps turning off way to quickly, which is driving me nuts. As I can't see anything after the backlight goes out. I went back to defaults and was the same. I've changed the proper settings as far as...
  4. N

    NX-200 Backlight Question

    So i am looking for a way to enable the backlight to come on any time the radio receives a transmission....Or am i stuck in fantasy land? Thanks for any help!
  5. W5JCK

    BCD436HP: Is there a bug reporting location?

    So where do we submit bugs reports to Uniden? The Uniden website is an absolute, pathetic mess, at least in the Support area. Most of the links haven't worked in months/years. Just to find a darn manual or file is a chore. Uniden seems to have moved over here to take care of support. So where do...
  6. C

    Baofeng UV82 backlight flashing

    When "save" is turned off I get a blue backlight which is always on, including illuminated keypad. If I set the "save" mode to 1-4, then the back light flashes on and off continuously. Is this radio capable of turning off illuminated screen and keyboard? Maybe a defect? Thank you.
  7. K4EET

    BCD536HP: Can somebody summarize what Uniden is doing to fix all of the "problems"?

    First a bit of history... I am a terminally ill individual with a disease similar to but much worse than Muscular Dystrophy. I have a severe hearing loss and glaucoma and am a semi-quadriplegic in a wheelchair. I bought the BCD536HP because it was (and still is with the BCD436HP) Uniden's...
  8. D

    New Backlight Option Feature Request?

    It is useful to have the backlight stay on during transmission. It is also useful to have it stay on a preset amount of time, both of which are already supported. What is needed is a combination: on during squelch + a preset number of seconds. If the user presets to 10 seconds (the longest...
  9. S

    BCD436HP Backlight Dim

    I've had my 436hp for about 9 months now, when it's plugged in, I always have the back light on. The backlight on the 'high' setting is now less than half as bright as it was new out of the box, and the 'low' setting is almost completely without backlighting. I have heard of these types of...
  10. I

    BC898T: BC898T-Control Channel Only Operation & Backlight Repair/Replace

    Greetings and Merry Christmas-Is the BC898T capable of CC Only Motorola operation? I have read a couple of WIKIs that would indicate it is possible however I cannot find out if or how in the Owner's Manual. I just purchased one off of Ebay and owned one when they first came out. Also is it...
  11. H

    backlight on display

    no matteer how i set my backlight i cant get it to come back on. Anyb.ody know anything about this? thanks for any and all help. It is a uniden bc396 T........trunktracker iv
  12. A

    PSR-800 no LCD backlight?

    I just got my new PSR-800 and the LCD backlight will not come on. The keypad light works, and I found the LiteArea menu entry and tried LCD and both. I also put it on USB power to make sure it wasn't the batteries. Is this a software issue or should I just start packing this up to go back?
  13. JamesPrine

    PRO-92 backlight LCD upgrade?

    Does any outfit perform backlight LCD upgrades for the venerable PRO-92? Even when mine was brand spanking new in 1999, the backlight was a weak, sickly green, like you might receive from an anemic firefly <g>. My biggest gripe with this terrific scanner has always been the weak and...
  14. G

    BC780XLT Backlight out from polarity reversed

    An apparently common (idiot) problem. 12VDC incorectly wired and blows protection diode. Also bakclight no longer works correctly. I have replaced the protection diode, but ONLY remaining problem is backlight operation. Using MENU to test backlight options I find: HIGH and LOW setting produce...