1. K

    WTB: RS Pro-97, RS Pro-96, or BC346XT

    I am looking to buy a RS Pro-97, RS Pro-96, or BC346XT, let me know what you have. Ideally I would like them to be in great or like new condition. Please PM me if you are looking to get rid of one of these models. Thanks in advance.
  2. Y

    UnidenBC346XTC battery life

    I have the the Uniden BC346XTC which is a discontinoued model. I wanted to ask current owners or anyone who knows how this scanner works, how do they keep their radio on all day if the battery dies so quickly. I have to constantly keep mine plugged in. I put in AA alkaline but they don't last...
  3. M

    BC346XT Setup Newb Question

    I have BC346XT. I now realize this was not a great choice for first scanner. However, it is what I have. I put it away for a few months (gave up) and have since gotten it back out. Now it won't pick up any channels. Here's what I have done to troubleshoot the issue. -Remove, replace antenna...
  4. G

    Programing help

    This is my first post. I have a Bearcat bc346xtc. I'm trying to program it to receive california / alameda county sheriffs frequency. According to the website it is a project 25 phase 1 system. What type of system does this translate into when I try to program it into my scanner? Motorola? Edcs...
  5. T

    Trunked Systems - FreeScan / bc346xt

    Hello Forum, I tried to search and find an answer, but I'm afraid I'm a bit overwhelmed with the terminology used and the acronyms. It's like trying to read another language for me, I just don't have the experience with this hobby yet. I was hoping someone could maybe help me out or point me...
  6. 5

    BC346XT: edacs multisite help

    Hello All, i live in city with multisite (3 to be precise) Edacs analog system most of time talk-groups are bind to specific site (i.e. east region dispatch to site 1, west region dispatch to site 3) however I've observed sometimes talk-group are shared across different sites (i.e. VIP...
  7. R

    Timing out empty frequencies

    I have a BC346XT. I have programmed it with the frequencies for my area. It scans very well but will often stop at frequencies that sound like just static and no talking. I have to manually hit SCAN to get it to go past these frequencies. Is there a way to time out these channels? I can...
  8. R

    BC346xt preprogrammed systems

    I bought this scanner a couple of weeks ago. I have been reading as much as I can about how to use the scanner and I am gradually learning. I want to select the preprogrammed system for NY as it is the closest one to Sparta, NJ where I live. When I go to "program system "and scroll to NY how...
  9. Blind_Shadow

    Programming Manual - BC346xt

    I have been trying for most of the day trying to program a Uniden BC346XT. I downloaded the manual and it was a lot easier to go through than the manual from Uniden. I had read not to use the cd disk. No problem there as it would not even load or run. I am so confuzed now, not sure where to go...
  10. P

    Programming Trunk system on my BC346XT

    I have been trying to program my scanner for a while now. I live in Westchester county NY and trying to propgram the Westchester County UHF trunk system. The two base frequencies are 470.000 with a 380 offset and a 12.5 spacing, and 476.000 with a 520 offset and 12.5 spacing. I enteretd the...
  11. S

    BC346XT Programming Kerrville Texas

    I always thought I was of reasonable intelligence until trying to program our new Uniden BC346XT scanner. Seeking someone from Kerrville area (to include San Antonio) for hands-on assistance and training to set scanner up for a variety of areas in Texas. Will pay for your time. Thanks....Jim
  12. rhaasjr

    Freescan support for BC346XTC

    What is the chance of Freescan receiving an update to include the newer Bearcat 346XTC? The software currently won't recognize the newer version even though it is the same as the 346XT without any battery charge settings.
  13. A

    DPL on analag? Quick question!

    Quick question, is I know PL is on analog (non-digital) systems, but just wondering about DPL, can I get DPL on an analog (non-digital) system? The BC346XT to be exact? Thank you!
  14. A

    First Time Programmer - Need help and answers! :)

    Alright, so I am thinking about getting this scanner -- Uniden Bearcat BC346XT Police Scanner Radio the BC346XT. I am also going to be getting ARC-XT basic for it so I can learn how to program it. I just downloaded the demo to mess around a bit and see what it's like, but I have some questions...
  15. P

    Basic scanner for Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T

    Looking at BC346XT or BC396XT for listening to police, fire and ems in Indiana. Would either of these work and what are the advantages of the BC396XT? From what I read Indiana SAFE-T system is analog but then I see some say it is a digital system. Is there a difference for trunked systems...
  16. P

    BC346XT buttons sticking

    I got a Uniden refurbished BC346XT and I noticed often the buttons stick in or don't register when I press them. They get stuck for about 1-2 seconds. Is this normal? Also, my power/backlight button is recessed a bit, but this is probably normal. Is the key sticking normal? I have a feeling...
  17. B

    ARC-XT and Uniden BC346XT

    I'm having a problem and looking for a little insight. I have a Uniden BC346XT analog scanner and ARC-XT. I was hoping to: -create a programming file for a friend with a BCD396XT (digital) scanner using ARC-XT -upload that file to my BC346XT -download that file from my scanner into FreeSCAN...
  18. B

    Sharing files with ARC-XT

    I feel like a newbie again!! For a few years, I have strictly used and programmed RadioShack/GRE scanners, but I recently picked up a BC346XT, and I'm trying out ARC-XT for programming. While I was at work tonight, I was able to download plenty of data through the Radio Reference import...
  19. E

    BC346XT Question

    Hello, I just recently got the BC346XT and was wondering if any one could help with a small issue? I had added all my channels that i wanted on to the scanner and every time I turn it on it has custom 10 and custom 1 channels on with my other channels scanning. Is there anyway to either delete...
  20. GTR8000

    346XT front case cracks

    Has anyone else had any trouble with the top corners of the front case of Uniden handhelds cracking? This thing is less than 3 months old and I've babied it since the day I took it out of the box. Never dropped it or put any stress on it, never left it in extreme cold or heat. Nothing. Then one...