1. K

    Antenna Upgrade for Uniden BC346xt

    I'm considering adding/changing to this antenna here: WSMA-881 Super Gainer SMA Portable Antenna That's the WSMA 881 Super Gainer and appears to be for most every band. I don't really have any bands that stand out as being a "requirement" but I usually listen to the analogue police out here in...
  2. V

    Uniden BC346XT-Elkhart IN

    I need to know what are the Talk group ID for Example like 25415 or something like that. for Elkhart County Sheriff Dept. Perhaps you could tell me how to program them into my scanner? LIke what is TGID Mean? Also TGID for Other like City and County..thanks Robert
  3. C

    BC346XT and NASCAR

    Hi Folks, For Christmas my wife purchased 2 scanners, 1-Uniden SC230 and 1-Uniden BC346XT for us to use when we travel to Las Vegas for the race(s). The SC230 is for her and she thought I would enjoy the BC for other things than just racing with all the options it has. We have never owned...
  4. Y

    New BC346XT user, freescan and programming questions.

    Hello, I have a new BC346XT and am using freescan to program it. While I've made lots of progress I still don't feel I'm quite there. I have a friend who has a different scanner who gets something every few seconds - I do not - even though we have the "same" setup. He has a different scanner...
  5. D

    BC346XT trunk scanning question

    Relative newby here (to trunk scanning). Upgraded the Uniden BC72XLT to the BC346XT to pick up trunking systems in my county, received the radio in the mail yesterday. Big difference between the two - but Freescan helps ease the pain with programming. My approach was to load my city talk group...
  6. H

    Help with BC346XT Programming

    I just bought a BC346XT and I'm trying to program it using FreeScan. Im trying to figure out how to put a CNV system and a MOTO2 system on the same Qkey if possible please help Im new to this kinda thing.
  7. T

    Help with BC346XT

    Can someone please help or point me in the right direction? I've had plenty of scanners but I guess I'm to dumb for the BC346XT. I have channels programmed into the scanner, It's trunked and It's working fine. I have freescan and the premium service for RR. So for my problem, I live in a...
  8. R

    BC346XT fire tone out TGID

    How do you monitor fire tones for talk group id's(multiple frequencies)? Thanks in advanced!
  9. fwfdengine2

    Squelch Tail Question

    How can I get rid of squelch tails when monitoring? I have DPL tones in and this helped on two channels.. But all other channels still have it.. I can put my scanner (BC346XT) right next to a Fire Dept. radio.. The radio will not have a tail, but the scanner will.. How can I change the scanner...
  10. irishfire412

    BC346XT missing first parts of all transmissions.

    Hey I recently bought a Uniden BC346xt and for whatever reason, it almost ALWAYS misses the first 1 or 2 seconds of every transmission. Does anyone out there have any thoughts on how I might be able to fix this situation? Thanks, I appreciate any info.
  11. bnish84

    BC346XT Prog. w/FreeScan

    Hello, I am upgrading to the 346XT from a BC245XLT. I have the 346 on the way, I am looking forward to getting it. From everything I have read I am going to use FreeScan to program it, I programed my 245XLT by hand with no major problems. I like how I can turn off and turn back on certain trunk...
  12. K

    BC346XT Programming

    Good Evening, I just bought a Uniden BC346XT, and am wondering a few things in regards to programming it. The Massachusetts State Police primarily use a trunked system (which I have programmed in properly for my area), but they also use low band VHF for car to car and informal communications...
  13. L

    BC346XT - local source

    Hi, I am new to the group and just finally looking at getting a trunking scanner (finally). I have been reading in the forums here and it looks like most are happy with the BC346XT, and for me the price is fair. It should last a few years before it is obsolete. My question is; Is there a...
  14. 8

    Questions regarding the BC346XT

    Hey all, I am fairly new to scanning and I am planning on buying a handheld scanner for a road trip I am doing. Essentially I am looking for a scanner that will keep me posted with local law enforcement as I move through each state. The BC346XT looks like a great deal because of the GPS support...
  15. W

    Yes, no or it depends question for Tulsa

    In Tulsa is a digital scanner worth spending an extra three hundred dollars, or so compared to buying the latest greatest analog trunk tracking scanner? If yes then what make and model? If no then I already have the BC346XT in mind.
  16. B

    Progrom problen with the BC346XT

    I bought this scanner for a friend and been trying to program it now for 13 days now. I got a CD with the scanner that told me to go to RadioReference.com, I clicked on the link to go to the frequencies, I clicked the download, and it promper me to buy a membership, than to download ProScan. But...
  17. R

    Need to know about BC346XT

    For a while Iv been wanting to upgrade to a trunk tracking scanner as I live in Ames and most of whats in my area is Motorola Smartnet etc and Im sick of listening to part conversations. I like Uniden and as much as I would love to have the BCD396XT there aint no way I can afford or convince my...
  18. M

    How to Disable System on BC346XT?

    Another Newby Question... I have downloaded FreeScan and sset up my Scanner with 3 or 4 conventional systems and 3 Trunked systems. I'm looking for a quick way of disabling the Trunking systems like I can the Conventional systems... I can see where to set the SQK for the Conventional systems...
  19. M

    BC346XT - Weather Function?

    I just picked up the BC346XT and I can't get the WX key sequence to work... The Manual says to Push and Hold the Func Key and then hit the WX button (0 is labled as WX) to enter Weather mode. I just can't seem to do it right. I can go to the menu and select Weather and then select Search but...
  20. trixwagen

    BC346XT vs BR330T

    Possibly a dumb question, but is the BC346XT really that much better than the BR330T? The BC346XT has a much larger memory but the BR330T covers more frequencies. And right, there's no NASCAR decal this time.