1. J

    New BC355N

    Removed due to pilot error
  2. F

    Please help with a uniden bc355n scanner

    Hello, I recently purchased this scanner and it works great with the PD frequencies. I tune into the FD/EMS frequencies and I do not hear any audio, only a loud screeching sound. I know I have the right channel but I dont know if I am missing a step. Please let me know if you can help, I am not...
  3. G

    bc355n can I reset/remove a channel?

    while programming the PRIVATE bank,...i started heading toward a freq i wanted, somehow I wound up programming a random freq as CHAN 2. I would like to figure out how to correct it and get the use of CHANNEL 2 again.
  4. P

    Uniden BC355N not working?

    Yesterday I picked up a 355N. I know that it can only do analog. It will only receive a few runs though. I have been missing dispatches. The frequency is 154.130 Why can I only receive calls if the pager tone goes off first then the digital tone, then the computerized voice talks to dispatch the...
  5. V

    Uniden BC355N display problems

    I have a plain old Uniden BC355N scanner in my truck, but it has recently started displaying erroneous characters on the screen. Example attached. It appears to operate fine otherwise. Has anyone ever seen this on a BC355N (or any other Uniden scanner)? I suppose I'll be calling up their...
  6. C

    BC355N vs BC355C frequency question

    I have a frequency of 152.850 however my BC355N only programs to 152.855. My BC355C on the other hand will program to 152.850. Will this make a difference on the BC355N if it is on 152.855 vs 152.850? Will there be clarity difference? Isn't 152.850 a valid narrowband frequency? So why won't...
  7. J

    Reception problems with BC355N

    My BC355N does not work well while my car is in motion(it became very choppy); I have a trek glass mount antenna. When my car is NOT in motion for around 10-15 seconds, my reception gets way better. Once I go past 10mph, the signal get very choppy; I switched antennas because I thought it was an...
  8. Mtnrider

    Does the Bc355n do 155.xxxx freqs?

    Anyone know for sure if this does the 155.xxxx freqs? dont care about pl,dpl,etc....a friend needs a new one and saw this and i haven't the pleasure of owning one to know for sure