bcd 436hp

  1. dsankir


    Hello, I m living outside US and acuse of Uniden policy,i cant get dmr&nxdn upgrade key form my.uniden.com for my BCD436HP.I did it 1 year ago when i get first my SDS-100 same credit card but now there is only option for US billing adresses. Any help will be appriciated.
  2. A

    No activity on my Fav List Conventional Channels

    So I have created a number of Favorite Channels using Sentinal. Have go through the database and added a couple of sites to my fav list that are conventional. Bear in mind that are 4 sites - two are conventional and two are trunked(Motorola and P25). When I am scanning my favorites, I can see...
  3. A

    Scan strategy for my favs that have same sites across multiple lists

    I just received my BCD436HP and started using Sentinal to create my fav lists - going through the learning curve on how to manage - I have 3 lists setup for now. Each list is a county in Texas where I live / can receive. My intent for doing this is to disable when I travel out of the listening...
  4. scseh

    BCD436HP Mobile Mount

    I wanted to get some ideas on Mobile Mounts for the BCD436HP. I also wanted to find out if anyone has purchased the Uniden BCD436HP mount from LidoMounts. Cup Holder For Uniden BCD436HP and All Handheld Scanners Mounts for Uniden HomePatrol-1 Scanner The price seems good at $25.00. It has a...
  5. R

    HELP w/ NXDN on BCD436HP

    Owned a mix of approx. 10 scanners over my lifetime - even back in the day when you had to punch everything in manually.... NOW, have a BCD436HP that I am trying to get an NXDN trunk on https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=8654 and it will not happen no matter what I try. Yes, I HAVE...
  6. H

    BCD436HP: Help in programming E-Comm NGRP

    Hello one and all. Hoping someone has the answer as to how to program Vancouver area E-Comm NGRP / CREST HRO Multizone System ? BCD436HP, all upgrades done and latest BUTEL software as well. looked and looked until I cooked !
  7. J

    drop in charger base for BCD436HP?

    Has anyone made or rigged a drop in charger base for BCD436HP? Not to be anti usb plug but our two ways have drop in bases that we mounted in the truck and it is handy I was thinking of rigging something up for contact if I could find a base that “cupped” the BCD436HP reasonably well.
  8. M

    Looking for BCD436HP multi frequency antenna

    OK Guys, I just picked up the very cool BCD436HP scanner and I want to upgrade the antenna to a good multi freq antenna and I'm looking for suggestions. Mag mount and/or whip. I'll be picking up the GPS receiver for this radio also, anyone else using one? Would like to hear feedback on how...
  9. T

    New Scanner BCD436HP

    hello I have bought a new BCD436HP and I was wanting to ask what are the systems I can monitor and which ones cannot Monitor oh and By The way I really have Enjoyed Listening to IL State Police on district 22 all help will be apprietaied
  10. M

    BCD436HP: [New FW update] Private calls showing as group ?

    Hi Upman Paul / RR folks So I loaded the new firmware onto the Uniden 436. And generally whilst it seems to be a bit more polished performance wise I noted one error. On a local CAP+ system It displayed TGID 12345 during a private call from 12345 to 23456 Ok so it correctly relayed the...
  11. NFR85

    BCD436HP: Trouble listening to Project 25 Phase 1

    I have loaded all my information in my scanner as my town in Nashua,NH has switched to P25 Phase 1. I have loaded everything I believe is correct please look over the screen shots. When anyone talks my scanner is still scanning. What I've done 1. The latest firmware is updated on scanner and...
  12. T

    New to Scanners and have BCD436HP

    Hello everyone, I am new to scanners and just picked up the Uniden BCD436HP because of the reviews and ease of set up supposedly. Well I entered my zip code of 57030 and I don't feel I am getting everything I should for communication traffic. I have gone through the Sentinel software and set...
  13. T

    Help with Llano, Burnet, Blanco Counties

    I just got a BCD 436HP and programmed it using Sentinel but not sure if I have it optimized the best way. Can anyone share how they have their scanner set up. I previously had a 396XT set up to single frequency system so it would search for the NAC and had talk groups programmed so I could shut...