1. C

    Using a Boafeng UV-5R for a Broadcasting fees

    I am currently planning on using a UV-5R for a Broadcastify feed and am wondering if I could use a standard headphone audio jack cable plugged into the Boafeng speaker mic and the PC's Mic input or would I use the programming cable running to the PC's USB. I am currently using Scanner cast for...
  2. WX4AJM

    Dale, Houston Counties: Feed Availability Notice

    I'm pleased to announce that the months-long investment, setup, analysis, and testing of my whole scanning project seems to be coming to a reasonable point to say it's STABLE and can run without much of my intervention. The minor details (UIDs, etc) continue in the background, and I seek to...
  3. C

    BCFY feed and BUTT audio device

    Hello, I recently started a BCFY feed, and I use BUTT to stream it. I noticed in the settings under primary audio device it has a dropdown list to select the audio source, then to the right of that it says "left" and "right". Left has 1 selected and right has 2 selected. The channel mode is set...
  4. C

    SDRTrunk Sdrtrunk and teardown

    Hello, after I figured out how to use Sdrtrunk and became more educated on the matter, I decided to create 2 calls nodes (one for each site), and 1 feed to fill a void in my areas BCFY feeds. Everything has been smooth sailing, but recently ive been running into problems after playing around...
  5. C

    SDRTrunk Sdrtrunk and control channels

    Hello. I'm new to scanning and newer to SDRs, but I do actually have 75% of it figured out. I know how to use sdr++, pdw, sdrtrunk, satsagen, dsd+, and all that stuff. After I figured out sdrtrunk, I discovered it was comical Ly easy to create a broadcastify calls node and a feed. So I did both...
  6. Engine79-7

    MDC-1200 to Broadcastify

    I utilize the standard Broadcastify software ScannerCast for my feed, and I also have been messing with WinMDCD. My question is, is there a way to broadcast MDC identifiers over Broadcastify? If so how?
  7. Devin_88

    North Myrtle Beach Ocean Rescue / Lifeguards Feed Request Horry County, SC

    Can someone in this area see about setting up a scanner feed for North Myrtle Beach Lifeguards? I don't live nearby to receive them and would enjoy listening to them with a scanner feed. Along with some other channels on that system like Myrtle Beach TGs and Airport Ground Operations would be nice.
  8. GraniteScanner

    Merrimack County Safety Broadcastify Feed

    Hi All, Noticed that the 'Merrimack County Safety' feed is missing from Broadcastify today. Figured I would ask here if the feed provider plans on bringing it back. If not I would be glad to connect my spare SDR dongle and provide a feed of Merrimack Sheriff Dispatch West. Thanks
  9. blantonl

    Broadcastify Feeds Now Supported on Alexa Devices

    See this article to get started:
  10. H

    Get Broadcastify Calls Node stats from API or database? Future feature suggestion?

    As a SDR based feed provider for Broadcastify calls, I would find it very helpful to be able to fetch statistics from the Broadcastify database / API. Being able to know how often a node picks up a talkgroup and when can be very helpful to determine if other nodes nearby should also monitor that...
  11. C

    Proscan Software Looping

    I am running two instances of PROSCAN software on the same windows 10 computer connected to two BCD996P2 . I am streaming to Broadcastify on two separate channels. Every month or so the audio starts to loop on a couple of seconds of voice. Both channels at the same time. I reset the...
  12. T

    Wiscom scanning.

    I have a real fancy scanner that can scan anything. I also broadcast on Broadcastify with my regular scanner. I’m wondering about the legality of scanning and broadcasting wiscom p25 trunked law enforcement channels. Can you? Can you not? Why? I can’t seem to find anything regarding this...
  13. NLACo

    Looking for a good radio for streaming.

    Hello, I'm looking for suggestions to help me stream on Broadcastify. I'm currently streaming a feed on Broadcastify but I have to shut the feed off at night. I am seeking suggestions on what to do to be able to keep it on all night. I'm currently just using my PC and a Baofeng UV-5R. Please...
  14. RadioDitch

    PC Hardware For Broadcastify Feed

    Morning all, I'm very seriously considering putting a Broadcastify feed up for an area that currently has zero coverage. I'm curious as to what are everyone's opinions regarding the minimum CPU and RAM requirements for hosting a single feed? I imagine anything newer than a 4th Gen Intel i5 Quad...
  15. AB5ID

    Why not 1 ip address equals 1 listener? Phantom fake listeners: feature request

    All the reports of fake or phantom listeners on feeds at random times for no reason? Searching this forum it seems to have been an issue for several years. For whatever reason it happens, how hard would it be to code the number of listeners cannot be greater than one per IP address?
  16. V

    Broadcastify Calls & Simultaneous Calls

    Hello Everyone, I have setup Broadcastify Calls using a RTLSDR dongle, Trunking Recorder v3.1.4790.7807, Unitrunker v2.1.0.58 VB Cable A & B. All is working as it should. However I am scanning a system on only 1 site and it’s busy. For example, I would like to capture as many streams as I...
  17. K

    1 Antenna 2 feeds

    Has any run into a issue where you have 2 feeds running on 1 raspberry pi and using 1 antenna where the audio mixes on both feeds? When I use 2 separate antennas and the audio mixing goes away.
  18. T

    Better Audio Quality with Unitrunker

    Hello I've configured Unitrunker with Trunking Recorder going to Broadcastify. Everything is working great, as you can see here... The issue I have is the audio quality out of Unitrunker has popping in the audio. What's odd is SDR sharp does not have...
  19. villlythekid

    Only Some Transmissions Coming Over

    I have been having issues with Montgomery County, MD talkgroups for the past 24 hours or so in which only some transmissions are showing up while others aren't. (Takoma Park Police A12 Dispatch and M-NCPPC Park Police B16 Dispatch) For example, an officer will acknowledge that he/she has...
  20. Salvatorejrc

    Broadcasting on Broadcastify

    I want to broadcast a frequency on Broadcastify, although, I want to get the cheapest scanner possible to do it, being that I already have an expensive scanner for personal use. The frequency I want to broadcast is on p25. Any scanner suggestions?