1. T

    Creating Bug/Error Files for Uniden

    I remember reading some instructions in one of these posts about how to capture error/bug information from the scanner, then sending it to Uniden, hopefully to help them address some of the issues with the SDS100. Can someone walk me through how to do that? Having issues with conventional P25...
  2. C

    BCD325P2: Bug? unable to turn on group if all groups got turn off in a single system

    Have BCD325P2 Scanner ... If turn off all the groups in a conv system I am unable to turn back on any of the groups in that sytem. Example: 4 Conventional systems programmed (using freescan) and turned on: S0: 1234------ GRP1234567890 Turn off systems 1,2,4 (by pressing keys 124) leaving...
  3. connah

    BCD436HP: Replay Mode Displays Incorrect UIDs, Offset by -1.

    Hi all. I am new to the forums so please forgive me if I have missed an existing thread on this topic and point me in the right direction. I think I have discovered a bug in firmware version 1.11.31 (latest as of this posting). When replaying audio, be it recorded or buffered, the UID displayed...
  4. W5JCK

    BCD436HP: Is there a bug reporting location?

    So where do we submit bugs reports to Uniden? The Uniden website is an absolute, pathetic mess, at least in the Support area. Most of the links haven't worked in months/years. Just to find a darn manual or file is a chore. Uniden seems to have moved over here to take care of support. So where do...
  5. yaesumofo

    analyze lcn finder bug

    hello. the radio is a BCD436HP The Firmware is 1.05.01 When I go to analyze and select EDACS/LTR LCN finder turn the knob to the letter L select the local LOS ANGELES CITY (municipal) system 2 (or 3) About 5 seconds into the LCN search the radio turns OFF for 1 or 2 seconds. then turns back...
  6. N0GTG

    ARC536 Basic bug

    I've found that if I am in a trunked system's radio ID's, and try to find a radio ID or alphabetic alias using the Frequency or Alpha tag field, I get a 'Run-time error 438; Object does not support this property or method'. Then the program crashes, taking with it all the changes I have just...
  7. A

    BCD536HP: GPS Serial port won't retain setting

    I have two BCD536HP radios and one of them when I set the GPS serial baud rate to 115,200 bps it will not retain that setting when I power cycle the radio. It keeps defaulting back to 4800 bps. The other radio holds the setting. Both radios have the same firmware. Also, I have sentinel...
  8. poltergeisty

    ATTN TSCM Specialists,etc

    For those of you in the TSCM business I have a few question: A) How often do you run across a spread spectrum device in your searches? B) What kind of device is it? i.e Audio or video? Both? C) Are the frequencies masked in common airband frequencies? If so what band? Thanks for your...
  9. poltergeisty

    Solution to being kidnapped in Mexico

    Put a bug in your arse!