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    Cobra 29lx RF stuck on channels 1-11.

    Hello, I just got my CB, it's a Cobra 29lx with a 3 foot Firestick 5/8. It has 16 feet of cable. I installed the radio on my aluminum F-350 so I can't get a magnetic mounted antenna. I happened to notice every time I transmit on channels 1-11, the RF Gain meter stays stuck to the right and the...
  2. M

    Does anyone still use CB around the Raleigh area ?

    Does anyone still use CB around the Raleigh area? What channels are you mostly on? What times are you usually on? And what CB radio are you using ? I have recently acquired a Radio Shack TRC-241 and usually am on channels 6, 14, and 19 and I'm on through out the day but I'm especially active...
  3. P

    Uniden ANL vs NB

    I was wondering if someone could explain the specific differences betwen ANL and NB? I've read several places that NB will block the sharp spikes of noise, but i've also seen the same said about ANL. So what specifically does each do? and what side to they operate on: the power or antenna or...
  4. H

    Which CB Radio External Speaker to buy?

    Which CB Radio External Speaker to buy? This would be for a small compact car, not a big Trucker Cab. So many to choose from but sounds like noise cancelling feature would be nice to have. MFJ-281 Cleartone, Workman 714 astic, Cobra HG S300, Astic 302-VS4, Uniden Bearcat BC7 or BC15, RoadPro...
  5. A

    Turner Plus Three CB Mic

    Hello, I have a Turner Plus 3 that has been converted from 8 pin to 4pin. It keys up just fine but no audio comes over. I have tested it on a Ranger RCI-6900F . I then tried it on a Realistic TRC-432. Same result. On the realistic I am using a 4 pin to 5 pin converter cable , however that cable...
  6. A

    Old Portable Realistifone

    Hello I recently obtained a Relistifone 1w CB radio . I have been having a hard time finding any information on it and im not sure it works . From what I can tell it takes 2 9v batteries but hasnt turned on . Chances are it may need some fixing . I was wondering if anyone out there would be able...
  7. P

    Realistic TRC-412 mobile antenna

    I'm having a problem with finding a mobile antenna that will work for my Realistic TRC-412 CB radio that I can put on top of the 2011 Dodge Caravan that my group home company uses to transport me from place to place. I do not drive my own car and my staff drives the car to whenever I need to go...
  8. S

    FS: Radio Shack TRC-225 CB Radio

    Selling my Radio Shack TRC-225 Transceiver. Comes with antenna and works very well, shipped via USPS 2-3 business day arrival. Used and bought second hand, in good condition. Contains scratches from obvious use. Asking $30 shipped. Images...
  9. S

    CB City Sherwood Park

    You wanted a review of CB CITY SHERWOOD PARK. The prices for the CB RADIOS are all high priced! You can get the radios at less than 50% less shipped to your door. Now for the antenna systems they sell for CB RADIO’S are as follows PCTEL MLBDC2700 27-31 MHz is a QUARTER WAVE unity GAIN antenna...
  10. T

    Bearcat 980 SSB Transmit Issue

    I have a fairly new 3 month old Bearcat 980 with a tuned mobile antenna. It works great but for the last month I have an issue only with sideband, either one, AM is fine. I key up start talking and before you know it the meter is pinned and no more audio. I have tried without Talkback, with...
  11. viper1833

    Modern CB Upgrades

    Just a curious question to all who are interested in discussing. How many think its time for the FCC to change some of the rules on CB radio, and allow companies to start adding some modern features to 11 meters. Currently I use CB radio still, my wife, and brother use them for personal use...
  12. H

    CB Radio Antenna?

    Hello, guys, I'm looking for a CB radio base antenna to set up on my roof or chimney. I would like it to be in $100-$200 price range if possible. I want one that is 18-26 feet tall and that can get the best range possible. I'm looking into beam antennas, so I need a good rotational system for it...
  13. H

    CB Radio Antenna?

    Hello, I'm looking for a Beam antenna for a cobra CB radio. I'd like it to be good for shooting skip and getting the longest range possible. I'd also like the height to be from 16-26ft, and for it to have a good amount (80mph+) wind resistance, in case of a storm or other bad weather. I'm not...
  14. H

    Antenna for CB Radio?

    I'm looking for a beam antenna that will connect to a cobra CB radio. I am looking for an antenna in the $100-200 dollar range, and it is fine if it is a little bit over. I'd like an antenna that is in the 16-24ft range, one that will get me a good amount of broadcasting range. I'd also like it...
  15. H

    CB Radio Home Base

    Hello, I'm new to CB Radio, as well as this forum. I am looking for a CB Radio for a home setup. I'm looking for one with a high output, so I can achieve a good distance signal. I would like it to be below $200 if possible, and I also am looking for a powerful antenna, that I could mount on...
  16. I

    38 LSB QSO:

    Greetings & salutations to all out here on RadioReference. I've got a Cobra 148GTL that I've had for quite a few years that I've wanting to try out on SSB. Now I know CB use isn't anywhere it used to be, but, if there is anyone out there that is interested in trying out a little SSB on Channel...
  17. radiation8

    A Little Story, CH 6, and "Keydowns".

    I am no stranger to CB radio, and I remember the first time I ever "played" with a CB radio, I will never forget it, and although I am only 28, I think I was about 15 when I first learned what CB was. My dad used to have one in his truck when he pulled Goose neck RVs for people for a living, it...
  18. R

    Cb radio wont power on?

    I have an 73 General Electric cb Mobile weather cb radio that won't power on. I have tested almost everything but protection diode. Does anyone know where the protection diode is?
  19. T

    Headset PTT adapter

    Have a standard Cobra CB radio with a 4 pin mic on the front. Would like to remove the mic and attach a kenwood or icom type headset. Does anyone know if there is an adapter available or if one could be rigged up? There is a 3.5mm male and a 2.5mm male on the kenwood headset. I assume i need a 4...
  20. P

    Bc 880 cb radio

    My Bearcat 880 CB is having SWR issues it is reading an 8.04 when I test it on the built in SWR calibrator on the radio... I have no clue how to fix this issue I have went thru the steps like 3 or 4 times on how to Calibrate SWR If anyone could please help me out it would be great!