1. SpringHill

    HT1250 CDM1550 CPSR06.12.09 Questions

    More specifically i`m reaching out to ask for some knowledge on some of the deeper aspects of CPS. I understand the program on the surface but would really like to know what it can do! I really haven't been able to find much information on it so If anyone is willing to hop on a teamviewer...
  2. DylanMadigan

    Can I set names for MDC1200 IDs on the CDM1550-LS+?

    I know many MDC radios can do this but I'm not sure how. I have Professional Radio CPS (I think an older version) and I see an option to set the ID, but I dont see anywhere where i could be like "ID 1234 displays as Test Radio" or "ID 0217 displays as Vehicle 2-17".
  3. DylanMadigan

    Can I auto power on the CDM1550-LS+?

    I see the option in CPS but it is grayed out. I know it's possible for these to turn on with vehicle power, as our FD uses them, but mine seem to not let me do that. I got mine used on ebay through some police department.
  4. F

    Motorola CDM1550

    I have a CDM1550 that doesn't have the MDC signalling enabled. I'm told that it's a matter of re-flashing the radio with a default codeplug.. What software is needed? Is this a CPS like normal programming or another application? Thanks!
  5. L

    CDM 1550

    I bid on a cdm 1550 on eBay and have won it. I didn't do alot of research on the specific model #. They gave me the freq it covered and I understand not all the 1550's are 160 channel. Anyone have insight into this model # AAM25SHF9AA5AN
  6. J

    CDM1550LS Programming

    I recently acquired 2 Moto CDM1550LS+ VHF radios. One has Model 6AN the other a 5AN I managed to successfully program the 6AN with CPS 6.04.00 but cannot read the 5AN as it says "UNSUPPORTED MODEL" there a way around this or am I hooped? Would make an awful expensive door stop, so any and...