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  1. N

    XPR Need Help. Looking for a XPR7550 UHF Codeplug

    I just recently got a XPR7550 and I am trying to use a codeplug to base my building of the radio. I have found a few and only 1 that was able to semi work but it stopped. I need one with 20 MHz also in it.... Would anyone be able to help out with where I can find one to download or be able to...
  2. W

    TYT MD-380 "Newer" Ohio Code Plug

    Does anyone have a newer code plug for the TYT MD-380 for Ohio than the one on All Ohio Code Plug which is now over a year old?
  3. K


    Attached is a simple code plug guide to get you started.Newbie.
  4. K


    Attached is a simple code plug guide to get you started.Newbie
  5. wa2chj

    Unication G5 Charlotte UASI Programming

    Hi, I've been programming Motorola, Vertex Standard, and Various Amateur radios through CPS, PPS, etc. for decades for personal and EMS/Fire department radio equipment as Communications Officer. I'm a newbie when it comes to the Unications G5 PPS, and need to get up to speed quickly. I'm...
  6. N

    Need Motorola PM400 Code Plug

    Just purchased the new Motorola PM400 radio and need a code plug for amateur bands and fire departments. Anyone have a code plug they can share with me? Thank you!
  7. J

    APX-8000 Emergency Behavior

    I have a Motorola APX 8000 & APX 7000 radio that I'm testing on a Harris P25 system. Whenever I declare an emergency from an APX, a "User Alerts" dialogue box displays on every Harris/Maestro console requiring the dispatcher to acknowledge the emergency. How do I disable this in the code plug as...
  8. C

    Needed: XTS 3000 II Codeplug

    If anyone has a code plug for an XTS 3000 VHF Model H09KDF9PW7BN, please e mail me a copy to I was attempting to program my radio and apparently something went wrong. I had read from the radio, updated the code plug and attempted to write it back to the radio when i got...
  9. B

    Mts2000 FAIL 01/82 H01KDF9PW1BN VHF Code plug

    I need a good code plug for a MTS2000 VHF Model H01KDF9PW1BN System Package H35, Flash Code:000001-000000-9. Read the codeplug changed it and wrote it back then got the dreaded FAIL 01/82 now nothing works. Ideas or suggestions?