1. F

    Upgrading codeplug ver without radio? CPS MOTOTRBO

    Hi, maybe someone with experience can help me to figure out if its possible(and how), to upgrade codeplug verion beforehand without radio itself? Im planning to indroduce major change on UHF system at client. System consists of 5 repeaters(DR3000) and aprox 150 radios (mix of DM4400/...
  2. Radiocar

    MTSX for MT2000 Error? "Code Plug too new..."

    I picked up two MT2000s from a friend a few months ago and I just now got around to attempting to program them. I just got RSS working via the "Rufus DOS Stick" method tonight and immediately ran into this issue. I went to read my radio after the sitting through the "reading code plug blocks"...
  3. D

    radioddity GD-77 codeplug

    Does anyone have an Ontario codeplug for this brand? Just bought one and I have done th initial setup but that's as far as I have gotten. I am in Hamilton and travel around the province a lot. Used to analogue but thought I would give this a try. I looked at XPR's site but didn't see a plug for...
  4. T

    APX 4000 Codeplug Update Failed

    First a couple of housekeeping items/background: The company I work for is an authorized RX-only user on a Phase 2 public safety simulcast site that is part of a statewide system. The APX 4000 was purchased new from a local Motorola shop. It was initially programmed by the shop with later...
  5. G

    Xts3000 01/82

    Hello i am a corrections officer, My Radio Displayed this while Programming. Need Help ASAP I have work tomorrow Anyone Have a Code Plug for a Model 2 UHF
  6. S

    MTS2000 Tx fine but receives only noise

    Hi all you good guys, I have 5 MTS2000 VHF radios. Before I tried to program them, they worked fine. The problem was that I did not have the license to operate them on those channels. So now I have programmed one frequency in. I have cloned all of them. Now when I turn them on I only hear...
  7. K

    UHF Florida Codeplug

    Good Morning one and all! I'm very new to DMR and just got a TYT-MD380. I live in Palm Bay Florida and I'm looking for a UHF codeplug for this area. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  8. T

    APX6000 Codeplug

    Does anyone have a 7/800 MHz cqodeplug for the APX6000. I have bought the CPS and the Cable. The cable is gonna take a few days to ship and I would like to just play around in the CPS before I get the cable. If you can help I would appreciate.
  9. V

    Xts2250 codeplug

    Good afternoon! Does anyone know how to reset the motorola xts2250? forgot codeplug .... thanks
  10. S

    Needed: Minitor V SV Codeplug

    I have accidentally overwritten the codeplug for my SV codeplug with a non SV codeplug without saving the original. I am hoping someone might be able to provide me with one so I can get my SV back on my pager. I am doing some experimenting with it for our dept. and no one has SV. Thank you in...
  11. RobertLaw

    Need codeplug for an MT2000 VHF RSS 06.07

    Does anyone have a codeplug for an MT2000 VHF built from the RSS 06.07. I have an unprogrammed radio that I need to program. Many thanks. Robert. Please contact me at
  12. jdmwph5

    XTS 2500 codeplug error

    I just bought an XTS 2500 Model III (UHF) Model H46SDH9PW7AN. This radio has the Q52/Q53 Front Panel Programming enhancement. Firmware = R09.00.03 After reading the codeplug in CPS R.16.00.00 it loads with 240 Conventional Personalities, none of which can be deleted (option grayed out). I'm...
  13. F

    Programming ht1000 with win based cps.

    Would it be possible to program the HT1000 with the CPS software, I think the computer is 600 or 800 mhz with xp, which I think is too fast for dos based (not windowed)programming via rss. So is it possible to use cps programming? Thanks in advance.
  14. C

    Xts3000 codeplug

    Hi there.... looking for a reasonable code plug for my xts XTS3000 MODEL III FLASHCODE: 500008-000000-1 MODEL: H09RDH9PW7BN my email is thanks in advance, Chris
  15. EMT1301

    Enabling Scan on MaxTrac 300

    Hello all, I have searched this forum several times for an answer to this question and have been unable to find it. If I have simply missed it, I apologize. I have a MaxTrac 300 VHF radio that I purchased from eBay. It is model # D43MJA77A3BK. It was a six-channel radio, without scan but...
  16. F

    ht1250 codeplug needed . please help!

    if anyone has a vhf codeplug for an HT1250 with partial keypad and would be so kind to email it to me at , i would forever be greatful to you. read radio , didnt back it up , now it says that it cant read due to connection , i know it has a good connection ,i use that...
  17. G

    MCS2000- Importing New Data into Old Codeplug

    Software: MCS2000 Radio CPS vR01.1.10.00 Is there a way to import data from a newly created MCS2000 codeplug into an old codeplug (or just getting around the recognition problems, and writing the new codeplug directly to the radio)? I have tried to "import", "drag-n-drop", and "cut-n-paste"...
  18. J

    ASTRO Saber I, RSS R09.05.00 "Codeplug to new..."

    Hi, I have an ASTRO Saber I Model#: H04RDC9PW5AN. I have ASTRO RSS R09.05.00. When I try to read the radio codeplug I get "Codeplug to new for this application." I beleive I have the latest version RSS so it must have been programmed with CPS. Does anyone know a way around this or have a...
  19. radact

    Need: MCS2000 Model 1 VHF Codeplug

    LET'S TRY THIS AGAIN. Someone promised to send me a codeplug a while back and never did. I kept emailing them about it and nothing so I just dropped it with them. I still need a codeplug for this radio. Below is text from my original post...
  20. radact

    Code Plug Question

    Is asking for a copy of a codeplug the same as asking for software? If yes, disregard this. If no, here is what I need. I have a friend that gave me an MCS2000 VHF Model 1 radio and it has a corrupt codeplug. I was thinking if I had a good one I could blow it in and maybe it will correct...