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  1. N

    American Cruise Lines

    American has cruises underway again, so I thought I'd bring the subject back up. They appear to use UHF handhelds on board, but not on the normal UHF marine freqs. Here's where the info appears to stand: American Star - 462.7625 [d131] American Constellation - 451.800 [d131] not heard by me...
  2. ChuckinSC

    Celebrity Summit

    We’ll be departing on a cruise to Berrmuda in a few weeks. I plan to take my BC125AT along for listening to air traffic near the airport in Newark. Do you know FOR SURE if Celebrity PROHIBITS scanners on board their ships?
  3. dave3825

    Norwegian Gem Prohibited?

    Norwegian Gem Prohibited items? Going on this ship in 2 weeks. NY to Bahamas. I searched but did not see any scanner or radio bans. Most likely not bringing the 436 but would like to bring a cheap dongle and possibly our Cobra CXT 145 Walkie Talkies . Anyone have any issues on this cruise...
  4. n2nov

    Disney Cruise Line Bans Radios

    In planning a future cruise (my first), I had some questions. The FAQ on their websites bans the usual stuff, but the list ends with "ham radios". I called to get clarification and after 28 minutes of questions and waiting for answers, the upshot is that ALL radios will be confiscated before...
  5. cajunjerry

    Carnival cruise ships

    Anyone have any confirmed frequencies in mobile for carnival fantasy ship?
  6. J

    FRS/GMRS On Cruise Ships

    My family and I are on a Caribbean​ cruise right now. I have a scanner with me and GMRS/FRS is virtually non-existent now. I recall, in the past, seeing and hearing them a lot. Now for $5.00 for the entire cruise, you can text others on the ship.
  7. C

    Carnival Dream Frequencies

    I will be going on the Carnival Dream on the July 16, 2017 cruise. I will be purchasing a baofeng radio before the cruise. A. What baofeng radio will I need to purchase to use on the cruise ship? Which radio has the best use for the cruise? B. What frequencies will I need to program into the...
  8. P

    Carnival Freedom (Galvaston, TX) frequencies

    I will traveling on the Carnival Freedom out of Galveston TX in Feb and I am looking the frequencies used on board the ship. Thanks for the help.
  9. A

    Carnival Imagination and Inspiration - Now DMR

    Hello everyone, I'd like to discuss what I found while scanning for cruise frequencies yesterday. The Carnival Imagination made port in Avalon, CA on Monday and I was able to pick up the input to their new Mototrbo repeater. Input freq: 467.800 (heard for sure) Output freq: 457.800...
  10. polkaroo

    Cruise ship frequencies

    Is there a proper area to submit frequencies for cruise ships? There isn't a specific geographical area as they go around the world. Thanks!
  11. J

    Radio For A Cruise

    My family and I will be going on a cruise. There are times when it would be nice to stay in touch with one another while aboard ship when our cell phones won't work. I have some Motorola DTR550s currently. Are they about the best choice currently or is there something better these days?
  12. BC_Scan

    Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas

    Anyone in South Hampton or there about's? a new big *** ship in town till end of May, here is the opportunity to see If we can find the radio system on board for ship's internal comm;'s that are going to be used for this behemoth. Harmony of the Seas: The world's biggest cruise ship -
  13. W

    RCC Lines DMR in Bayonne

    Researched this, but couldn't find anything previous on the forums. Monitored Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines in the Cape Liberty Cruise Port (the old Bayonne Port Terminal) this morning and discovered that their Channel 1, 462.3875, was carrying both narrowband FM traffic but also DMR. The color...
  14. fireboat61

    Royal Caribbean, Anthem of the Seas

    I checked Scanmaritime first and this ship recently placed in service has not been published. I'm cruising to Bermuda in May and attempting to get the ship frequencies, as well as any public safety frequencies available for Bermuda. If I don't have any success, I'm going to attempt to search...
  15. L

    Celebrity Cruise Ships

    Went on a cruise recently on Celebrity Summit out of Bayonne NJ. My scanner was impounded by shore security and labeled a "prohibited item". They turned it over to ship security since it was a repositioning cruise and the cruise ended in San Juan Puerto Rico. I was able to get the scanner back...
  16. D

    Norwegian Getaway Cruse Ship Frequencies

    Can anyone tell me where I can find cruise ship frequencies for the new Norwegian Getaway ship (on board frequencies and port frequencies)? I've searched the forums and the latest update I can find on cruise ship frequencies is from 2012. The ship was launched in April 2013. Thank you very...
  17. F

    Cruise Ship Antenna ID

    I've submitted this to Bill at ... I was on the NCL Pearl week of 7/13-7/20 and noted this antenna...actually there were forward, one aft, both on the port side. One is a horizontally polarized Yagi fed by a folded dipole. The other, below the Yagi, a flat reflector...
  18. HogDriver

    Carnival Cruise ship frequencies

    I am taking a cruise next week out of Galveston on Carnival Magic. I know they used to have LTR systems but I can't find any listing in trunked systems for Carnival unless I'm looking in the wrong place. Any help?
  19. B

    Carnival Paradise

    What are the frequencies for the Carnival Paradise cruise line from Tampa?
  20. E

    Cruise ship frequencies

    These were confirmed in the last month. I may have some more once I go through more of my logs. 457.525 [156.7] out / 467.75 [233.6] in - Independence of the Seas - Bridge/Security 457.55 [167.9] out / 467.775 [203.5] in - Independence of the Seas - Engineering 457.575 [179.9] out / 467.8...