dauphin county

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    Dauphin County Public Safety & Dauphin County Fire/EMS DOWN - Pennsylvania

    Hello, could someone tell me why Dauphin County Public Safety went down. It has been down for some time now, but I am wondering why I can no longer find it on my scanner app. Are they now encrypting these feeds, have they switched the format to BrokenSky, or did the provider drop the stream?
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    dauphin county digital system question

    Hi guys im a firefighter in schuykill county we are on an anolog system naturally i own an anolog radio i am moving to dauphin county and im looking to buy a new radio ill be in 2 companies and 2 fire police fot the same companies so i dont want to have to lug 10 radios around (exagerated) im...
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    Dauphin Co 10-codes

    Hey. A couple months back I could of sworn I came across a list of the DauCo 10-? codes under the fles tab. Anyways, I can't locate a list now and was wondering if anyone could help. Thanks, 491
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    Dispaching in Dolphin Co

    Hey. I'm a scanner fanatic still in the beginning stages, and have a question. I am under the understanding that all 911 calls come to the DaCo dispach center. My first question is how do these calls get to the individual townships (ie- Susquehanna, Penbrook, LP, Paxtang, Steelton). Does the...
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    What Scanner(s) needed for Central PA coverage?

    I don't have much radio background. The news organization I work for covers 5 counties in Central PA: Cumberland, Dauphin, Lebanon, Perry and York (northern part). This also means a lot of area is under State Police coverage and also Capitol Police (both on PA-STARNet OpenSky although State...