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  1. Radioddity GD-77 (VHF/UHF DMR Transceiver) w/ RSM

    Radioddity GD-77 (VHF/UHF DMR Transceiver) w/ RSM

    Description I have a Radioddity GD-77 dual band DMR radio for sale. Bought last year in December. Recently decided to buy a multi-mode radio so it is no longer needed. Comes with all original accessories and radio speaker mic. I have programmed the radio with the original codeplug it came with...
  2. J

    Ailunce HD-1 Is it working on DMR?

    I have programmed the radio for the 3 DMR repeaters in Colorado Springs and I have heard audio on some of them but when I press PTT I get a screen that shows info on a ham in Toronto Canada but nothing else happens. Other times I get a repeater failed screen with a constant tone. The radio works...
  3. D

    Showing up on Brandmiester but not being heard

    Hello all, I'm connecting via repeater to talkgroups with good signal strength, my transmit logs are registering on Brandmiester but other parties are not hearing me, nor can I hear myself on Hoseline. My handset is an MD-380. Any thoughts?
  4. A

    DMR Database Question

    When I look through some of my counties listings for DMR, the color code is listed, but then for the TG and SL, it just has "*" next to it instead of the talk group and time slot. What does the asterisks denote? I looked all over the Wiki and could not find any information. Thanks!
  5. riccom

    My review of the rd-5r

    Ok where do I start, as a starter of this dmr world, let me say it is a bit of a learning process, how to enter slots, uid, color codes, and tg aka and listening to a digital voice, and not analog, and the quality of this radio is a lot better then I expected. The look and feel: Well it is like...
  6. B

    Hytera MD-652 Question

    How do i get this mobile to turn off and on whenever i turn my vehicle off and on? I know this sounds lazy but i do get tired of turning this radio on and off everytime i get in and out of the vehicle. I know i would have to wire the radio into a 12 volt hot wire that would be controlled by...
  7. qc

    Help picking DMR radio

    Hi, Need help in Picking an portable DMR Radio, it looks like there is DMR VHF Repeater on Mount Diablo, what would be a good radio to get started in DMR?, I was looking for dual band, but Motorola and Hytera only make single bands for DMR, looking around I see lot of manufacturers of dual...
  8. K

    Total DMR confusion

    As usual I jumped into something that has me completely stumped. I purchased two TYT MD-380 DMR radios in hopes of monitoring the local DMR repeater. Both radios work just fine simplex and digital but when I programmed all of the talk groups into the radio for the repeater (I also ensured the...
  9. E

    TRX-2: Digital Wait Time (TRX-2)

    All - hello Is there a digital wait time setting / threshold in the TRX-2? I seem to be missing a second or two in the beginning of all transmissions. I'm listening to a DMR ham repeater. On my TYT MD-380 I hear the full transmission while the TRX-2 misses the first second or so. Sample...
  10. T

    Tytera MD 380 VHF Jackson County TN

    I recently purchased a TYT MD 380 VHF from amazon after searching and seeing that it could receive DMR frequencies, after updating the firmware. I now have the firmware updated and all frequencies programmed in to the radio and seeing the led change from red to green when receiving transmission...
  11. chidester

    Dmr codes for Ouachita county

    How do you find the color codes and repeater slot for the Dmr radios in Ouachita county,they are not listed in RRI bought a md-380 to listn to them and have a little luck hearing them