dsd+ fastlane

  1. W

    Listening to different talkgroups on P25 Phase I

    I am trying to listen to a specific talk group on the system called WyoLink (WyoLink Trunking System, Statewide, Multi-State - Scanner Frequencies). I am using DSD Fastlane to tune into the control frequency, but it seems to only give me the talk groups in that county. Laramie County is where I...
  2. N

    DSDPlus Please Help with Decoding, I can't figure this out

    I used to be into the old school Radio Shack Scanners, but a few years ago in my area, Idaho Falls, Id (Bonneville County) started encrypting their frequencies. I just recently found out RTL-SDR and purchased two of them to use with DSDPlus Fastlane. I can now hear agencies up to 60 miles away...
  3. I

    FMP24 with Linux and Wine

    Hello, I've successfully been using the public release of DSD+ on Linux with Wine and external audio input from PulseAudio Virtual Sinks but after upgrading to the fast lane version noticed many new improvements when running FMP instead of an external audio source. I'm wondering if anyone has...
  4. P

    DSDPlus Fastlane Links Not Working

    Is anyone else having download issues (404 error) when trying to download FastLane releases now? I'm attempting to install the programs onto a new laptop and keep getting 404 error when attempting to download the .zip file.
  5. H

    DSD+ FL FMP24 & ScannerCast TAGS

    I am currently running FMP24 is scan mode, monitoring 5 Freq. (4 are part of the Trunked NXDN system and 1 is a separate non trunked NXDN). This setup seems to work good with very little missed transmissions. I would like to know how I can get the radio Alias from DSD+ FL Event log to send...
  6. A

    DSDPlus dsd+ faslane i need know this system TIII (HYT)

    When i decoding some channel I receive the system TIII (HYT) and i see only 2 connect this channel i hear sometime police and sometime hospital and traffic department and it's take long time to hear someone My question What that's mean is this police station or hospital station ? I'm new...
  7. A

    How can i setup dsd+ fastlane with hackrf

    Hello Guys and good afternoon Recently I bought Hackrf one and i try to connected with DSD+ fastlane but it's not work i try to edit device number many time but it's not work sorry guys I'm new with SDR Device
  8. A

    DSDPlus DSDPlus Fastlane Help PLEASE

    Good evening I'm new to using RTL-SDR and i donate to take fastlane anyway actually i watch in YouTube how to use DSD+ Fastlane and everything fine first i run PMP24-CC ( FMP24 -rc -i1 -o20001 -P0.0 -b-12.5 -935 ) after that i run 1R in this point everything good but when i want decoding...
  9. W

    DSD+ and bias t

    Is there anyway to enable bias t currently with the use of DSD+ fmp24? I saw some posts but they were a bit older and want to know if its an option now?
  10. Chibson

    DSD+ Fastlane Issue

    I have bought DSD+ Fastlane about 7 months ago and used it for a few weeks and forgot about it until, well today. I was scrolling through my email until I found the email containing my DSD+ Fastlane files. See, I went to the first email I got from them which told me to go to the next email they...
  11. R

    Fastlane for iPad

    I’ve worked out how to setup my radios on one pc, and use a second pc to run Fastlane. I can even RDP into that pc (even via my iPad) and get audio to work using the MS remote sound feature. My question is, will there be a plan to port DSDPlus Fastlane to the IPad? Bobby AE4B
  12. K

    SDR - Universal Trunker + DSD - AFRN

    As of today (June 28, 2019), I am finding that most local municipalities have moved to AFRN. On the old JeffCo Pub Services P25 system, I have no problem with my set up. I usually monitor 855.6875 for the control channel in unitrunker, and I route the output from to DSD+ for decoding the audio...
  13. DSMSS2017

    DSDPlus 2.186 FL Channel Activity Help

    I'm using two dongles and have one system working just fine. I have the same set up for another system with the addition of a gain and bandwidth setting as far as I can tell. Can anybody see a reason why my channel activity windows (both CC and VC) would not be getting populated at all when...
  14. mylocaltech

    DSDPlus Trunking Error Codes, and Information

    Hello all, I have using DSDPlus FastLane to do single radio trunking for the past week, and thanks to the help of some of you in another thread I have posted I have been able to pick up a pretty good signal from my local SIRN, and have been enjoying it greatly. I have been looking around and...
  15. EarHoles

    Con+ and LRRP . DSD+ FastLane

    I checked my DSDplus.LRRP file and found: 2019/01/07 16:38:04 3040038 32.44028 10.11125 2019/01/15 10:36:43 3091007 30.24327 31.03325 2019/01/15 10:51:39 3700016 23.47263 39.40114 2019/01/16 16:18:57 3040003 32.61569 32.61605 2019/01/18 14:03:27 3059018 32.81953...
  16. F

    DSD+ Fast lane LRRP decoding

    HI, I am new to the whole DMR decoding thing, hunting for DMR LRRP messages. Equipment: DSD+ 2.169 Fast lane, using FMP Motorola DP4801e Hytera PD785G Hytera Dispatch software RTL-SDR dongle Simplex channel, no repeater. I see raw data requests and replies in a DSD+ window. I see GPS locations...
  17. LD723

    DSDPLUS not decoding specific DMR marc repeater

    There is a specific repeater I tuned to on FMP24 but the decode is very bad but the signal itself looks sufficient and more than enough for dsdplus to decode. I have used different tuning options by using dsdtune and used different filtering options but in this recording I have I used 7.6 khz BW...
  18. AB9NN

    DSD+ FL 2.155 Conventional DMR Decode in Scan Mode Sporadic

    Complete newbie. Two files attached - log files. Use three RTL SDRs and the following bat files: FMP24 -i2 -o20003 -P0.0 -s1 -b4 DSDPlus -e -fr -i20003 -o1 I have a scanlist and frequencies files populated and correctly formatted with the same frequencies obtained from here: Digital...
  19. P

    DSDPlus DSDPlus Starting Fresh

    I'd like to do a fresh start on DSD+FL. I got a couple of airspy units and had previously removed the airspy files from my setup. My first available update was 2.98, then 2.113, then 2.145, and now 2.155. I no longer have access to 2.98, 2.113, or 2.145. What's my best option to do a full...
  20. V

    DSD+ fastlane gets a lot of error while decoding.

    I started this endeavor with unitrunker and DSD+. I was having issues with a lot of decoding errors. The audio sounded like horrible autotune. It was suggested on these forums to ditch unitunker and go completely with DSD+ Fastlane. Now I have gone fully with DSD+ Fastlane. Everything seems...