1. DylanMadigan

    Any software that reacts to DTMF

    I've been searching for software that can run certain actions when it detects specific DTMF sequences, I'm just not having any luck finding any. All I can find is a few programs that tell me what the code is, but that's all they do. If the software can do something as simple as send an email...
  2. W

    Echolink radio remote into repeater system

    Hi All, I have installed a Kenwood TM-V71A to provide a remote Echolink feed into my repeater. The problem is that the TM-V71A isn't recognizing or processing over the air DTMF commands. I can call into the radio from a phone or computer with no issues, but not the reverse. I have done the...
  3. W

    Kenwood TH D-74 Echolink

    There is virtually NO info in the Kenwood manual on how to use the Echolink features, memories, Etc. Has anyone figured this out yet? There are several memories for Echolink names, nodes and codes, but it appears I can only call up and send data from memory 0 Has, anyone figured out (after these...
  4. S

    Maxon APT-25

    I have an OLD Maxon APT-25 Dial-In two tone encoder. I can't find the programming manual- can anyone help? I know it is done via telephone on dial in, I just can't remember how it goes. Thank you in advance! Ryan
  5. T

    XTL 2500 DTMF MIC Issues

    I'm new to the forum, I've looked until my eyes went blurry, the problem i'm having is a stupid one. I have a XTL 2500 and when i hook up my dtmf mic everything works fine except the dtmf buttons 1, 2,and 3 all seem to do a home revert, they take me to zone one channel 5, (in my radios thats...
  6. danman_0627

    NX-5300 Manual DTMF dialing

    Hi all, Has anyone had any problems with using the dtmf keypad on a NX-5300K6 on a conventional NXDN channel? Mine works fine on analog channels but on the NXDN conventional channels it doesn't. I have "manual dialing" checked under personal features in the conventional nxdn zone but its still...
  7. D

    Motorola HT1250 signaling question

    Hi to all of you! I have 2x HT1250 radios and despite all the efforts I cannot program them to: 1. call eachother when I pres a call-designated button (so not at the beginning or the end of PTT, it is anoying to do that all the time) 2. have an ID listed on the screen when the call is received...
  8. k7plt

    * * * GR1225 (UHF) Remote RF repeater controller * * *

    I am looking to control a GR1225 remotely using DTMF over a RF link. I would like to be able startup/knockdown function and channel sourcing. Are there any manufacturers capable of this task? If so, what models and difficulty level to enable and configure this device would be expected? Thanks
  9. T

    xts5000 irlp dtmf

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to program proper dtmf to work with irlp for ham use on my xts5000 which I finally purchased. I have CPS and have been looking through dtmf related settings yet I can't figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. K

    Stream Live Feed Data to Website

    I've been on RR for years now, mostly just listening with the occasional forum browsing. Love the site. Finally decided to be more active and provide some feeds and play around. I'm a web developer and love to tinker with anything electronic. I like to integrate and match things that aren't...
  11. A

    Is there any way to resemble Modat signaling?

    I was wondering if theres any way to use DTMF signaling to resemble Modat. I was thinking if DTMF Tone #6988124 going at 50ms would sounded close to Modat. I know this sounds stupid but I was just curious, any advise would help. Once again I agree this a stupid Question :) :) :)