1. mitch802

    Low Profile NMO Mount Wide-Band Mobile Scanner Receive Antenna Whip for Uniden Bearcat - Receive frequency: 50MHz - 1200 MHz

    I want to mount three of these little guys on my car using a triplexer. Anyone have any idea which would be the best one to use to split the signal between the three? I could do two but would rather use three for better coverage. Looking for best recommendations to accomplish my goal. Not...
  2. H

    Bad Duplexer?

    I bought a new motorola SLR5700 repeater and 'motorola' DSCP10725 mobile duplexer from a large national dealer to replace a Motorola XPR8400 repeater. UHF, IG band. I kept hearing static and had poor reception/range issues with the new system on both analog and DMR. After lots of...
  3. BlueDevil

    Sinclair Mobile Duplexer Tuning

    I have a Sinclair Mobile Duplexer in a portable repeater. ( Sinclair Technologies Online Product Catalog - MR254B-2 ) I believe that this is a Band-Pass only duplexer so my question is if I wanted to reverse the TX and RX frequencies do I need to retune the duplexer? Or can I simply swap the...
  4. BlueDevil

    Best Mobile Duplexer

    I am looking for a mobile duplexer to be used in a low powered (5w-25w) portable repeater with about 8MHz frequency separation. Does anyone have any suggestions on mobile duplexers to stay away from or have any recommendations on what mobile duplexers seem to be superior or preferred as to others?
  5. laythrom

    Noob Dual Band Antenna question

    Okay, so I am new at this to a degree and I have a question that I think I might know the answer to, but wasn't sure. Basically, my company uses both VHF and UHF commercial for on location communications. One group uses the VHF band while the other uses UHF band. I, however, now have a dual...
  6. M

    Tuning a duplexer (RLB / Coupler vs. Loss)

    Hi guys, I don't know any tech guy in my area who can clear some things for me and I thought I might ask you about something that's confusing me while doing some duplexer tuning. I'm a "young player" and I can fall into a lot of traps while trying to learn. Please forgive my mistakes if I say...
  7. B

    Recommendation - use Notch or Bandpass for desense

    Good Evening All! I need a little input on a small issue with desense occuring in a VHF repeater system at a site with no other equipment other than a 900mhz SS link radio for telemetry control at a tank site on a 1600'ft hill. Here are the spec's: -Vertex VXR-7000 running at 50-watts out...
  8. S

    CDR700 with CDM750's Repeater and duplexer

    I am attempting to program the CDR700. I got it setup to repeat on the same frequency but got a constant tone from the TX radio every time the RX radio received. I changed to a different TX frequency and no more tone. I still want it to re-transmit on the same freq. Somewhere in the middle of...
  9. M

    Motrola GR1225 Repeater Help

    I am looking into purchasing a Motorola GR1225 16 Channel repeater. My question is if you can only program the internal duplexer for one frequency split, then what can you use the other 16 channels for?
  10. deathwinker

    Public Safety Repeater Duplexer?

    MAKE SURE YOU'VE HAD SOME COFFEE FIRST BEFORE YOU READ THIS ONE! I need some help figuring out how to build some duplexer cans for a portable, 50W repeater...and before you jump your guns, just wait, I'll explain. I control radio comms for a Search and Rescue volunteer group, so we often find...