1. R

    Motorola ASTRO 25 dispatch equipment

    Motorola Voice Processor Module for MCC7500 IP DISPATCH CONSOLE for sale. Project 25 based, for ASTRO 25 systems. Model: B1933A This is not a complete setup! This is just the VPM, which is one of several components in a MCC 7500 console. I acquired this unit at an auction, in with a mixed lot...
  2. J

    Hendricks county

    Does anyone know if in hendricks county indiana if any police or sherieff departments are encrypted? Or how I can find out. Would like to buy scanner for someone for Christmas. Thank you
  3. elisewalker

    Okanogan County Wa frequency changes

    There have been changes to the way we are able to hear the Okanogan County Sheriffs office (Washington)over the air since an upgrade. Sometimes we hear everything on car to car 155.715 and other main channels, but they can now block the same channel intermittently so only dispatch and other...
  4. jidanni

    Don't want to publish any state secrets

    Let's say you are the owner of scanning website in the Republic of Nurdvania, and you want to make sure you don't publish any government secrets, and someone passes you this list, 1 151.587.500 MHz 14656413 T7 C13 2 154.487.500 MHz 14564613 T2 C5 3 152.212.500 MHz 14644413 T7 C2 4 151.725.000...
  5. J

    Is Jonesboro PD Encrypted or Just DMR?

    Hello I'm in Jonesboro, Ar. and I'm looking in to getting a SDS100. I wanted to know before I got it If JPD is Encrypted all together or If I just would need to do the DMR upgrade? Thanks for the Help I'm new to Arkansas and have not bought a scanner in years.
  6. Spitfire8520

    Douglas & Elbert County Law Enforcement to Encrypt

    https://coloradocommunitymedia.com/stories/douglas-county-sheriffs-office-to-fully-encrypt-radio-channels-in-2019,284836 Douglas County will be flipping the switch this December and there is a rumor that Castle Rock will be flipping the switch alongside them. Parker has plans for early 2020 and...
  7. Remington12G

    Franklin County Fire Dispatch

    (THIS POST IS NOT INTENDED TO START A DEBATE, ONLY ASKING A QUESTION) Right now I am scanning 154.43000 with a RAN of 21, it is the Franklin COUNTY Fire Dispatch frequency, the frequency is listed as unencrypted, I am getting the same noise that I get from Frankfort FD Dispatch which is fully...
  8. BoxAlarm187

    Denver (CO) Fire to encrypt all tactical channels

    From the Denver Post on February 27, 2019: "Following the lead of Denver police, radio traffic from the Denver Fire Department will no longer be accessible to the public starting next month, though one automated dispatch channel will remain open." Read more: Denver Fire Department to encrypt...
  9. K

    P25 Link Level Encryption

    One of well known security flaws (if you'll call it that) is the ability to monitor talkgroup/user IDs even on encrypted systems. As the article quoted states, Link Level Encryption is in the works. (http://www.project25.org/images/stories/ptig/P25_Standards_Updates/TR8_2016_summary_6.09.16.pdf)...
  10. WX9RLT

    Police Encryption Information: Transparency, Crime Rates Soar, Lies, etc....

    Thought I would share this, in reference to police encryption ~ EDITORIAL: Police Radio Encryption & Public’s Trust In The Police At An All Time Low With Crime Skyrocketing. | Rockford Scanner
  11. WX9RLT

    Police Radio Encryption Info

    Thought I would share this about the police radio encryption ~ *URL Deleted* EDITORIAL: Police Radio Encryption & Public’s Trust In The Police At An All Time Low With Crime Skyrocketing. | Rockford Scanner
  12. WX9RLT

    Pros & Cons of Digital vs Analog

    Can you provide information on the Pros and Cons of Digital vs Analog Basically the range, reliability, safety for 1st responders, etc... I am trying to research this topic, and thought I would post this in hopes to get some answers from people who know scanners/radios :) Thanks in advance
  13. matty909

    are you having problems scanning pomona police?

    To all that monitor pomona police: No your scanner is not having problems, pomona is using their orange (encrypted) channel as their temporary dispatch until all the radio are programmed because sadly blue 1 is becoming encrypted as we speak. The process should be finished some time this month...
  14. WX9RLT

    Rockford Police Going Fully Encrypted

    Rockford Police Going Fully Encrypted~ Rockford Police Going Fully Encrypted | | Rockford Scanner .
  15. F

    WPAFB Encrypted?

    I recently purchased a BCD536 HP and plugged in the WPAFB system. Is this now an encrypted system for Fire and Law talkgroups? I'm only hearing the miscellaneous talkgroups like base operations and the Air Force Museum. I live in Huber Heights and used to monitor them before they went digital...
  16. rananthony04

    Claremont PD Tac Encrypted

    As the title of this post suggests, Claremont PD's tac channel [506.3000] is encrypted. I did a quick search here and could not find any mention of it. I will submit a DB request as well (It's listed as P25 only).
  17. K

    Buckeye PD ch 1 on White Tanks IR - encrypted

    I just ran across TG 4201 on the White Tanks IR. That's Buckeye PD Ch 1, and it's encrypted. I can't receive Simulcast J here at home. Can anyone comment on whether they're using encryption on J as well? John Peoria
  18. S

    P25 Encryption

    I have noticed a lot of agencies in my area going to P25 Encryption. Is there any way to monitor these, or decrypt the communications? I don't know too much about Encryption, and am trying to learn more on how it works. Thanks in advance! Jeff
  19. mcjones2013

    173.45 $167 Encrypted Downtown Sacramento

    At around 3:10pm today I was scanning the Federal VHF and UHF ranges (1/27/2015) and I received and am still receiving encrypted traffic on 173.4500 with a NAC of $167. Based on that NAC I'm going to assume it's FBI traffic of some sort, but I could be wrong. I'll keep on monitoring it and see...
  20. D

    What is everything I need to know about programing radios?

    So I was looking at getting about 10 Motorola CP200. I am completely new to radio technology I have no idea what some people mean by programing it and so on. I would like these radios to be on one channel that only I and me team can get to. So no outside transmission and I don't want anyone...