1. emcomm

    Remember: 'Waldbaum Fire' 1978 6 LOD deaths

    I stumbled upon a Youtube video of this fire that I all had but forgotten about since I was a 9 year old kid.... I am asking, does anyone else remember this??? In South Brooklyn a supermarket called Waldbaum's (then under construction) caught fire and 6 firemen died when the roof fell. Worst...
  2. emcomm

    FDNY 10 men hurt - 3 alarm - Queens

    Kew Gardens Hills (Flushing, NY) blaze injures 10 firefighters (January 17, 2012) I was at my girlfriend's house in Queens NY last night and we heard sirens for 15 minutes then heard choppers. I looked out the window to a surprise--a huge plume of smoke just across the street. I put on FDNY on...
  3. wlittle

    "Take a marker"?

    I've noticed that the FDNY dispatchers use a term that, to me, is curious. They will dispatch a call - or at least they appear to - and then tell the units to "take a marker and stay in service". Why did they dispatch the units and then tell them to stay in service?
  4. wlittle

    "This Information Available Upon Request"?

    Blame it on 25 years around fire trucks, but when the FDNY dispatches for a working fire, I can't understand what the dispatcher is saying is available upon request at the end of the transmission. Can someone tell me what information they are saying is available?
  5. wlittle

    Question about the FDNY

    I hope everyone will forgive me for asking a question that's not specifically about FDNY radio. I've noticed as I listen that they seem to have LOTS of manhole fires and smoke from manhole calls. I don't hear that so much down here in Atlanta and I was just wondering if the manholes up there...
  6. wlittle

    Unassigned box alarm?

    When FDNY communications is dispatching what I assume is a call for a pull station, what does the dispatcher mean by the term "unassigned box alarm"?
  7. A

    FDNY confusion?

    Okay I know the old system was on VHF but are the firefighters Transmiting on VHF Repeaters or the UHF Repeaters. I'd assume there transmiting on the UHF since they always use their UHF fireground 486.1125 frequency. the last time I looked at a Firefighters belt i saw some kind of motorola xts...
  8. A

    FDNY EMS coming over NYPD Frequencies?

    Well today there was a short veichle pursuit in the 69 pct. One PD unit crashed but apparently the call came in through 911. Units on feild didn't know since the unit that crashed was on his way to join the pursuit. EMS came over the air and said "EMS, EMS, EMS central!!!, WE GOT AN RMP CRASH...
  9. A

    Any FDNY Manhattan or Bronx Feeds?

    I joined recently and have been listening to the "New York City Fire Department" live feed. It seems that the only borough that is being streamed is Brooklyn. Is there a different feed for the other boroughs? Thanks.