1. fdnyfish

    NYC XPR5550/4550 Codeplug Needed

    Looking for a codeplug for a XPR 5550/4550 UHF that has Amateur Radio, NYPD, FDNY. Please send me a PM if you have one that you can share.
  2. D

    Need a good scanner antenna for Whistler WS1040

    I have a Whistler WS 1040 scanner and my antenna that came with it doesn’t work very well. I’ve been looking for a good antenna but I’m having trouble since I don’t know anything about antennas or frequencies. I live in NYC and I would like to listen to the FDNY and NYPD. Do you have any good...
  3. J

    FDNY HT Frequencies?

    Does anyone know what frequencies the FDNY HT's use on the fire ground?
  4. Danny37

    FDNY Queens Dispatch Audio fluctuations

    Since last night, there seems to be volume fluctuations on the Queens frequency. Dispatcher will come in low at times, then high all of sudden. Same dispatcher but the same thing happens on rotating dispatchers too. Field units come in normal though. Anybody else noticing this?
  5. Danny37

    FDNY fireground comms on VHF?

    I was randomly scanning tonight and I picked up FDNY fireground traffic from a fire about 1 mile away from me on their old VHF frequency 153.8300 with a PL of 151.4. It definitely sounded simplex since I didn’t hear a repeater hangtime after the transmissions. I listened on the usual UHF...
  6. F

    New to scanning need info

    Looking to be able to purchase a portable radio capable of receiving fdny radio at long distances up to 100 miles from city. Is this possible. Sorry I have no technical experience in radios
  7. R

    FDNY DARS - Home Patrol - can’t hear ?

    We have two Uniden HomePatrol-II ‘s. We are able to listen to FDNY 800 MHz DOITT trunked (6A-6D Plus OEM) but our unit can’t pick up the DARS system (400 MHz trunked - right) even though we have placed all the talkgroups into a Scan list. One for each Division plus the SOC talkgroups. Any...
  8. Danny37

    Fdny ems & nypd

    Does anyone know what police precincts are covered by FDNY EMS channels? Since 4 of the boroughs are split into 2 or 3 frequencies, can anyone list what police boundaries are covered by each EMS frequencies. For example, EMS Brooklyn North to my knowledge covers the 94, 90, 84, 88, 83, 81, 79...
  9. Danny37

    Are FDNY EMS Tac channels actually used?

    Never heard any activity on the tac channels even at the scenes of mci's, are they ever actually used?
  10. B

    FDNY Manhattan dispatch

    Does anyone know if the Manhattan frequency has changed? I haven't been able to hear anything for the past three days on either my desktop or handheld. FD had a run on my block the other day and I could pick up the HT frequency but not Manhattan. At first I thought it was just because...
  11. A

    FDNY MDT Frequencies

    I have read on some old threads here that FDNY uses 5 frequencies for their MDTs (and at the point that the threads are from, they had just switched to using the RD-LAP 19.2kbps protocol) (ULS License - Public Safety/Spec Emerg, 806-821/851-866 MHz, Conv. License - WPBG281 - CITY OF NEW YORK -...
  12. N2SCV

    Manhattan FDNY

    As of tomorrow, Tuesday 4/18/17 at 9am, Manhattan will switch to and use the FDNY Citywide frequency until further notice.
  13. Danny37

    What are my chances of hearing NYC Freqs in Philly?

    I might be moving to philly sometime this year. I grew up and lived most of my life in NYC and scanner listening was on of my hobbies. So what are my chances of hearing NYPD SOD and FDNY in philly with a decent outdoor antenna? I'm glad there's live feeds but nothing beats the physical gear. 90...
  14. apsyms

    FDNY Admin. Talk Groups

    Hey everyone! (This is going to be my first post here, so please excuse any ignorance regarding the following) So I am aware that, in order to listen to FDNY's administrative talk groups, one needs a scanner that is capable of inputting the specific DEC. However, I have no idea where to even...
  15. N2SCV

    FDNY Command Channel During 3rd Alarm in S.I.

    Listening to the H/Ts being re-transmitted on Division 8 talkgroup 4560 on the UHF trunk system when units were told to go to the Command Channel they came up on talkgroup 5392-Staff Chief.
  16. N2SCV

    Staten Island FDNY

  17. Danny37

    Spotted a yellow motorola XTS series portable radio on a FDNY fireman.

    Is the color of the radio supposed to mean seniority or rank. I've never seen before a yellow colored motorola xts portable radio on members of the FDNY. I couldn't tell if it was a xts5000 or xts3000, as I was across the street from the firehouse.
  18. Danny37

    FDNY EMS Citiwide 1

    Do high priority calls go over the Citiwide frquency or just MCIs? Priority calls like cardiac, asthma, gsw and pins?
  19. Danny37


    Is FDNY EMS still using their old citywide 1 frequency 478.0125/85.4? I still heard some activity on it last night.
  20. GTR8000

    NYC Granted Significant Narrowbanding Waiver by FCC

    Well, it looks like the FDNY VHF frequencies will be around for a while after all. The FCC has granted the city a rather significant last minute waiver for numerous VHF and UHF frequencies used by FDNY, NYPD, DOC and DEP. FDNY - The VHF frequencies in the 153/154 MHz range were granted a two...