1. kf6olc

    13 Frequencies You Need in Your Scanner for 2024

  2. J

    Federal Spreadsheet for searching new frequencies

    I know its been done years ago, but I am looking to develop a spreadsheet that includes ALL frequencies used by Federal Agencies. I plan to import the frequencies into my Whistler TRX-2, and set it to record audio, PL tones, etc. I will be honest, its been a while since I have searched out...
  3. A

    Federal Signal Informer

    I am looking into purchasing a used Federal Signal Informer and I've found a programming cable pinout so I plan to build my own. The only problem I am having is finding a place that sells the programming software. Is this something that is no longer available or am I looking in the wrong...
  4. Remington12G

    Veteran Affairs Lexington

    When you're on the Fayette County Home Page it mentions that VA Leestown and VA Cooper are under the Federal Agencies Listing In KY. When I navigate to the Federal page and look for the VA frequencies, I can not find them. Does anyone have a suggestion to where they could be in the RR Database
  5. W

    Confusion over frequencies in Wiki

    Hi. I'm confused about the frequencies at https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?aid=1594. They are federal frequencies for Virginia, listed in the Wiki but they are not in the RR database. I can't figure out how to get them into my 436 HP using Sentinel, Proscan or anything else. I can get a...
  6. BCasto

    Raleigh / Durham Federal Monitoring

    Anyone doing any Fed monitoring in the Raleigh / Durham area? I am finding frequencies I think are Federal but are not listed anywhere. 170.8375 172.1875 Encrypted 170.5625 172.7125 NAC 300 If you have already done some sleuthing I am sure you can give me a jump start. I have looked through...
  7. C

    Federal scanning - Secret service.

    We had VIP activity at KCID yesterday. The typical freqs were in use, 165.375, 164.8875, 12.5khz bandwidth. Whats new are the every 10-30 second beacons from each station. Each freq in use has the short beacons on it while they are active. Before and after this was gone. Sounds like some type of...
  8. Muffin


    Was down on the British Columbia / Washington State border today. I was is Surrey which borders Blaine. I had my scanner on frequency stalker mode and came across a number of "new" channels that are nnot currently listed on the RRDB and after checking the FCC and IC databases, the only evidence...
  9. N7YUO

    Hill AFB, Utah

    Today, I discovered a new P25 system operating in SLC, Utah. So far, Unitrunker found three freqs 406.7625 CC, 407.1625 407.5625 (US Govt Band) These are some of the freqs of the (now silent) 6227 site 4. My PSR500 is getting a 99% decode at my home in Kearns. The display shows: APCO P25...
  10. RaleighGuy

    Raleigh New Unknown Frequencies

    Spent some time out at the Raleigh, NC airport today and heard several new frequencies that could not be identified. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it. Voice heard on... 410.325 Nac 352 In-Hospital Patient Transport, Scanner listed as P25 with Nac 408.2375 Nac 352 Hospital...
  11. mcjones2013

    173.45 $167 Encrypted Downtown Sacramento

    At around 3:10pm today I was scanning the Federal VHF and UHF ranges (1/27/2015) and I received and am still receiving encrypted traffic on 173.4500 with a NAC of $167. Based on that NAC I'm going to assume it's FBI traffic of some sort, but I could be wrong. I'll keep on monitoring it and see...
  12. RaleighGuy

    Programing Federal BOP UHF trunked system

    Will anyone be able to help me load a UHF trunked system for the BOP in Butner NC? The control channel is 406.600, CT showed 83.72, SID showed C514 VCs are 406.21875, 407.050, 407.200, 408.8125, 409.8125, 410.0125, 410.2125, 410.525, and 410.8125 I'm using a RS Pro-197 and a RS Pro-96...
  13. S

    Los Angeles Frequency's Unknown

    I was free scanning this morning and found 172.4500MHz NAC 148 anyone know what agency this is ? assuming its federal somekind of Law Enforcement activity
  14. N

    Fort Snelling National Cemetery

    I live in east Bloomington and have been listening to the VA cemetery for sometime and haven't heard any activity. I can hear the maintenance guys at the VA Medical Center which is on the other side of the airport and think I'd be able to hear the cemetery too. Does anyone know if they're using...
  15. screenersam

    military seeking tech to override am/fm broadcsts

    Special Operations seeks way to override broadcasters ***The U.S. Special Operations Command wants to find technology that would allow it to locate AM and FM radio signals in a specific area and then override those signals to send propaganda messages. The SOCOM solicitation, posted Monday...
  16. M

    400MHz Federal Channels near Portland, Maine

    Hey There Any ideas as to the users behind the following channels, all strong in Portland, ME? 408.2000, 414.3125 probably two channels on same Digital Voice system - MotoTRBO-like 411.650 Digital voice - MotoTRBO-like 415.625 Digital voice - smooth noise unlike Moto sound 419.250 FM Analog...
  17. lurch89

    Red River Valley Flooding

    So, we in the RRV are getting ready for another flood. I loaded up my scanner last night with most of the federal interop channels as well as the common Coast Guard channels. I was wondering if anyone has ND National Guard channels, or any other Interop/temporary channels for the FM area with...
  18. wbloss

    Rent government spectrum by the second

    http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/26/technology/presidential-panel-urges-better-use-of-spectrum.html?_r=2&pagewanted=all&utm_source=General+List&utm_campaign=040b676a3b-Newsletter_August_20128_22_2012&utm_medium=email Worth reading.
  19. J

    Juneau Area Frequencies

    Hi Group; Looking for others in the Juneau area to swap frequency list's with. I have a pretty good list but I am always looking for more! I would really like to find the UHF frequencies that the new USCG rescue 21 system is using, as well as freq's for Customs and border protection. Hope to...
  20. M

    MT Fed Files Blog - Denver / Laramie Area Federal Logs

    fyi... MT Fed Files Blog - Denver / Laramie Area Federal Logs - Wednesday, November 16, 2011 Colorado federal activity... :D http://mt-fedfiles.blogspot.com/2011/11/denver-laramie-area-federal-logs.html