1. C

    Supplier of Waterbury, Connecticut (USA) Police and Fire Stream [Please Report Issues More In-Depth Here if You Wish]

    Primarily I'm creating this thread to acknowledge and reply to GordonE, who kindly informed me my feed had no audio as of yesterday. I have gone ahead and fixed that - and I apologize as I'm still getting used to SDRTrunk. It's not much like UniTrunker at all, and turns out it's not sufficient...
  2. A

    Two Mobiles Same Vehicle

    I am looking for some guidance on installing two VHF CM300's in the same vehicle an ambulance to be exact. I don't have the budget right now for a dual head setup due to it being a last minute purchase of the ambulance to be used as backup ambulance. I do have two CM300's I am looking to...
  3. R

    My radioshack Pro 2054 problem

    im new to this sire and this is my first in need of some help. I Installed my radioshack pro -2054 scanner in my truck. it works fine other than when i have the truck running i get alot of feedback through the scanner. i thought that it would have something to do with the ground but i...
  4. W

    Feedback When Plugged In

    Hey guys, I just got my feed up and running, however I noticed some really bad feedback. Through process of elimination I have figured out that my scanner being plugged in is the cause. Using batteries I still have some feedback but it is much better. As soon as I plug in the AC adapter the...
  5. WX9RLT

    need listener feedback

    i need to get feedback from you guys on my feed. i need to know how good the quality is, on your end. i broadcast, one freq. so there might be a little break between transmissions. Winnebago County Public Safety Public Safety Winnebago County, Illinois (IL) Live Police, Fire, and EMS...
  6. LukeB

    Great deal with patrick911!

    Purchased a radio from Patrick (patrick911) with ease. Excellent communication, fast shipping and overall a home run. I would highly recommend dealing with Patrick and would definitely do business with him again if necessary.