fire dept

  1. J

    Minitor V and VI questions

    I am working on a project to reprogram some of our Fire Dept pagers. We have a mix of older Minitor V and the new Minitor VI pagers. We just moved to a new set-up with 3 sets of tones and we are struggling to make everyone happy under the new system. I am looking for suggestions on how to set...
  2. n5dhg

    Ft Worth FD Fireworks

    Noted this evening the FWFD running a radio check between its "Fireworks Dispatch" and their units. Sounds like the city has been divided into four areas and each is assigned a different TG: FD Event 2 TG - South FD Event 3 TG - North FD Event 4 TG - East FD Event 5 TG - West From what I...
  3. G

    790 crossband with CDM

    My local Fire department came to me and they are trying to get a cross-band repeater up in a truck so mutual aid can talk to them as cheep as possible. the fire dept uses UHF for fire ground operations and have tk-790 remote head for use in the neighboring county. they want me to hook up a...
  4. emtbucky1

    Fort Bliss White Sands Talk Groups

    Newly scanning this area and MOST of the talk groups in RR are incorrect. This area covers fort bliss and white sands and I am still looking for the Fort Bliss Fire Dept channels. I have been listening for days now and NOTHING! No EMS or WBAMC channels either. MPs, shuttles, and range ops seem...
  5. W

    Question about Minitor in VA

    Hello, Hope I am posting in the right place. I am a Volunteer with Chesterfield Fire and EMS and every now and then when the resources get depleted (ex. Brush Fires...Mutual Aid... Rescues) The ECC will page out a volunteer recall (fire or EMS) problem is the Vol. Firefighters have...
  6. Danny37

    What are some TRISTATE public safety frequencies that easily make their way into NYC

    Please list your counties and the service they provide. For example, Nassau county FD and westchester county easily makes it way into NYC. I know it depends whether you have a portable or mobile or what antenna gain you have and also your location. But list the frequency you heard outside of...
  7. H

    Rockford Public Safety

    It would seem that since the merge of PD and FD, medical calls are no longer being dispatched/toned out on the Fire North channel. Has anyone else noticed this?
  8. H

    Orange 911 fire disp. & pine bush ambulance question

    Hey guys I'm looking for sum frequancys is there a VHF freq for orange 911 fire dispatch or r thy all UHF? Also does anyone know pine bush ambulance corp radio frequency? Thanks!
  9. E

    Will the BC346XT work in my county with FTO?

    Hello, I volunteer in Montgomery County, MD for my local fire dept. I know in Montgomery County there is a digital trunking system and that the BC346XT is not a digital scanner. I know that 7A (Dispatch) 154.160 and 7B (Ops) 153.950 are being simulcast so that you do not need a digital scanner...
  10. M

    Closed and Skipped Fire Stations

    I was looking at the Sacramento County (CA) wiki page (Sacramento County (CA) - The RadioReference Wiki) and have some questions. First, why did stations 9, 52 and 107 close? I'm guessing budget cuts? Second, why are some stations numbers skipped (33-34, 39-40, 43-44, 47-49, 67, 69, 79-80, 82...
  11. U

    HELP - Pro-97 Trunking and Motorolla programming

    I have a Radio Shack Pro-97 scanner but dont have the programming cable or the Pro-97 software at this time. I'm trying to program it to carry the frequencies for the Friendswood VFD along with the FVD's of surrounding areas. I cleared the device to factory default and have gotten all of the...
  12. fwfdengine2

    Rochester FD

    Hi, Does anyone know what the frequencies are for the Rochester, Minnesota Fire Department. I can't seem to find them in the website database. thanks, fwfdengine2