firmware update problem

  1. briceson

    Dual frequency Kenwood TK-890 TK-790 firmware upgrade with single head controls

    How do i update the firmware on these radio's? Can i upgrade it like a single radio. Will the firmware go to both if i just hook up to the head and push it?
  2. M

    BCD436HP: [New FW update] Private calls showing as group ?

    Hi Upman Paul / RR folks So I loaded the new firmware onto the Uniden 436. And generally whilst it seems to be a bit more polished performance wise I noted one error. On a local CAP+ system It displayed TGID 12345 during a private call from 12345 to 23456 Ok so it correctly relayed the...
  3. K

    WS1080 Firmware Update Failed Radio Won't Boot

    A firmware update for my WS1080 failed and now the radio will not boot up and the SD card is not recognized by my computers. (I am a Mac user so I run EZ Scan under Orable VM.) The radio displays the following: uP Boot Ver:F1.1 up App Ver: NONE CPU SW Upgrade: Waiting for USB When I plug in...
  4. W

    BCD536HP Model number mismatch error

    Have been attempting to upgrade the firmware in the unit unsuccessfully. Unit currently has 1.10.02 FW. Upgraded Sentinel to 1.07.5. Upgraded the database in the unit successfully. Attempted to upgrade firmware but get a 'Mismatch Model name' error before the upgrade starts and that is the...
  5. C

    BCD436HP: SETUP FOR SENTINEL - Windows installer, Firmware update

    Ok guys, i have a question. Im trying to update my BCD436HP- Part of the instructions show to click on the start menu while the scanner is attached to the computer, when it pulls up the scanner in the drive menu it says to right click and click setup. When i do this, it attempts to "setup" and...
  6. J

    WS1095: DSP Firmware Update Issue

    I am unable to update the DSP firmware in my WS1095. The EZ-Scan software tells me "your scanner could not be updated at this time...". I have successfully flashed the latest CPU firmware, and I have the latest version of EZ-Scan. Here's my setup: Windows 7 EZ-Scan version 2.10, build 436...
  7. T

    BCT8: Firmware update on UBC-T8 failed

    I inadvertently applied the BCT8 firmware update to my UBC-T8 (Australian version). The original Firmware was deleted and then all I get is "Communication error" . I am unable to serial connect to my UBC-T8 to apply the correct firmware. I know this has been discussed before. Has a solution to...
  8. S

    IC-F2821D Firmware Downgrade

    G'Day! I'm trying to downgrade the firmware in my F2821D, to resolve some P25 issues. I have the firmware application, but when I try to connect to my radio and downgrade, I get an error about not being able to access boot mode. The configuration file for the firmware app lists the following...
  9. B

    newbie HI & HELP

    Hi ALL I have been registared for site for 2 weeks and have been reading alot before my 1st post, firstly thank you and big hello for acceptance and very good site /forum and alot of good info/reading. now for the problem i have not a great start i bought the new Uniden BCT15X scanner...
  10. A

    BC125AT Firmware Version 01.04.02

    When trying to download programming software for my new BC125AT scanner, I accidentally installed an old version of the firmware (1.03.01). How can I restore my scanner to the original firmware? Also, my owner's manual instructs me to go to the uniden site to download the programming software...
  11. M

    bcd436hp software installation

    My bcd436hp running version 1.01.1 when I tried to install version 1.2.1 on my Windows 7 the installation says "publisher unknown" Should their be a publisher name for the installation software. Also I cannot directly read the SD card through the USB or directly reading the sd card itself though...