1. B

    Dual-band antenna for GMRS transmitting and NWR/NOAA receiving

    I'm seeking advice for a dual band mobile antenna for GMRS uhf + NOAA weather radio (NWR) vhf. I'll be transmitting only on GMRS, and VHF will be for 162 MHz receive only. I'm a meteorologist gathering weather data & stills/video near storms so NOAA receive is important, and I want the...
  2. C

    Mxt 275 repeater issue

    I have a midland mxt 275 I am having issues with. I am trying to get it on our local 675 repeater with a 156.7 tone. I turned on the repeater function. Repeater channels appear. I go to repeater channel 20. Rt is set to 25 Ct is set to 25. I transmit and it goes through. When someone tries to...
  3. KN6FCR

    Mobile-to-mobile Antenna Recommendations

    What are some antenna recommendations for car to car communication on GMRS? Not much of an antenna expert. Just purchased 2 CDM1550 UHFs and planning doing the install next weekend. Thanks!
  4. F

    Icom: MARS/CAP Mod on IC-4100A Help

    I bought an IC-4100A that has already had the MARS/CAP modification (or so I’m told). I can’t find much about this mod online for this particular radio. I don’t think the mod was fully completed and don’t think the transmit if fully unlocked. Either it wasn’t fully modified or possibly there...
  5. tadpole207

    Easily Programing all GMRS Frequencies into Chirp

    Howdy I have all these in a spreadsheet, and even though not all are active in my area, i want to program them into my radio. I cannot find an import in Chirp that allows this. Frequency FRS channel FRS power FRS bandwidth GMRS power GMRS bandwidth Notes 462.5625 MHz 1 2 W 12.5...
  6. B

    Midland antenna issue

    Hello, I have a MXT275 radio and the Midland magnetic antenna mount in the center of the truck cab and an MXTA25 3db antenna and it was all working fine but I decided to reroute the cable and purchased an extension cable but when I fully plug in the cable to the radio I get nothing, when I pull...
  7. tadpole207

    Wouxun UV9g Plus- Dual band or Full band antenna

    Howdy, my first full GMRS radio- wondering about the difference between the antenna and how it affects TX and RX- when to use each thanks
  8. tadpole207

    Having Issues TX, but can RX

    Hello I am trying to transmit on 462.650. According to the web, there is no CTCSS codes needed, however when I try to transmit, I get no response. Can you help me figure out why no one can hear me? With Freq’s that have no step and CTCSS tones or DCS tones, what could the issue be I have my...
  9. W

    Quantar Multiple DPL tones?

    Hey all Quantar experts, I've searched for DAAAAAYS now and unable to find answers to this question. Long story short, I have a 300' tall GMRS repeater located in Naperville, IL. Currently it is set up with several tones (All are DPL tones) and it's been working great for my needs with my...
  10. HavenBTS

    462.675 Atlantic City, NJ

    I am receiving a CW ID on 462.675 in Atlantic City. CTCSS/DCS scan is on but does not decode anything. This is not either of the two nearby repeaters ACY675 in Atlantic City or LEH675 in Little Egg Harbor Twp. Does anyone know what I am receiving? Is it an unlisted or new repeater?
  11. Fillmoreranger

    Setting CTCSS Tones for GMRS Repeater Access

    I am new to GMRS, looking to access local repeaters. When it comes to CTCSS tones, I am a bit confused. I see some repeater listings with a single CTCSS tone. Other listings have TX-CTCSS and RX-CTCSS tones (both the same). When programming CTCSS tones to a channel/frequency to access a...
  12. thenikonknight


    Hello. I am interested in the BAOFENG BF-T8 radios. I like the form factor and that they're inexpensive. However, before purchasing, I'd like to know if I need a license to operate that radio? I don't want to get in trouble or get fined. The radio would be for family use only during hiking...
  13. rural_radio

    What type of coax for portable repeater?

    I'm building a portable repeater setup for my RV to extend the range of my family's GMRS handhelds. What type of flexible coax would y'all recommend that would withstand the repeated up-and-down of the mast and antenna yet not cause PIM issues from the dissimilar metals in the foil and braid...
  14. S

    Emergency travel radio?

    Noobish questions alert.... Occasionally, I make long drives (for skiing) that go through places without cell coverage. I'm wondering what sort of radio one might use under those circumstances. Cheap CB? GMRS? I bought a couple of those Baofeng UV-5R radios awhile back to fool around with and...
  15. J

    CPS help

    I am new to programming. I have a GMRS channel, and when I go to "Advanced," in CPS, I get all these settings such as "Compression type," "Expansion type," and "Emphasis selection." What do all these settings mean?
  16. D


    Okay i'm a newbie and just got my GMRS license to start and im using chirp to program baofeng 888 radio. I'm trying to input GMRS standard repeaters 15-22 and not sure i understand. I thought i had to transmit on one channel and then physically switch channels to RX frequency to listen. Seems...
  17. A

    Snowmobiler Looking for Answers

    Hello, I am new to this site and I'm hoping to learn some valuable knowledge. I've noticed many Backcountry snowmobilers using Baofeng and BCA radios. I assume most are using these illegally, so I am trying to go about this issue the correct(legal) way. Currently my Group is using...
  18. James_Bond_007

    Kenwood TK-8180 as a link radio connected to a TKR850

    Hi, is there a way to connect a TK8180 accy port to a TKR850 accy port to enable the 8180 to be used as an aux link radio without the use of an external repeater controller? IE: is their a way to enable half duplex on link radio full duplex on repeater? we want to link two GMRS repeaters...
  19. J

    GMRS and Linking

    The GMRS Linked Network has been running for a year now and growing everyday. With that being said if you have a GMRS callsign and no repeaters around you or you own a Repeater then you might want to check out The GMRS Linked Network. They have plug and play simplex Nodes ready to go. The...
  20. H

    1995 Corvette 460 MHz antenna solutions?

    We're wanting to mount a UHF antenna on my son's 1995 Corvette. He is going to be using GMRS and possibly some UHF licensed LMR nearby in frequency at some point in the future (but not as important). The retracting antenna motor for FM stereo is no longer working so we are considering that...