1. rural_radio

    What type of coax for portable repeater?

    I'm building a portable repeater setup for my RV to extend the range of my family's GMRS handhelds. What type of flexible coax would y'all recommend that would withstand the repeated up-and-down of the mast and antenna yet not cause PIM issues from the dissimilar metals in the foil and braid...
  2. S

    Emergency travel radio?

    Noobish questions alert.... Occasionally, I make long drives (for skiing) that go through places without cell coverage. I'm wondering what sort of radio one might use under those circumstances. Cheap CB? GMRS? I bought a couple of those Baofeng UV-5R radios awhile back to fool around with and...
  3. J

    CPS help

    I am new to programming. I have a GMRS channel, and when I go to "Advanced," in CPS, I get all these settings such as "Compression type," "Expansion type," and "Emphasis selection." What do all these settings mean?
  4. D


    Okay i'm a newbie and just got my GMRS license to start and im using chirp to program baofeng 888 radio. I'm trying to input GMRS standard repeaters 15-22 and not sure i understand. I thought i had to transmit on one channel and then physically switch channels to RX frequency to listen. Seems...
  5. A

    Snowmobiler Looking for Answers

    Hello, I am new to this site and I'm hoping to learn some valuable knowledge. I've noticed many Backcountry snowmobilers using Baofeng and BCA radios. I assume most are using these illegally, so I am trying to go about this issue the correct(legal) way. Currently my Group is using...
  6. James_Bond_007

    Kenwood TK-8180 as a link radio connected to a TKR850

    Hi, is there a way to connect a TK8180 accy port to a TKR850 accy port to enable the 8180 to be used as an aux link radio without the use of an external repeater controller? IE: is their a way to enable half duplex on link radio full duplex on repeater? we want to link two GMRS repeaters...
  7. J

    GMRS and Linking

    The GMRS Linked Network has been running for a year now and growing everyday. With that being said if you have a GMRS callsign and no repeaters around you or you own a Repeater then you might want to check out The GMRS Linked Network. They have plug and play simplex Nodes ready to go. The...
  8. H

    1995 Corvette 460 MHz antenna solutions?

    We're wanting to mount a UHF antenna on my son's 1995 Corvette. He is going to be using GMRS and possibly some UHF licensed LMR nearby in frequency at some point in the future (but not as important). The retracting antenna motor for FM stereo is no longer working so we are considering that...
  9. H

    TYT GMRS mobile and FRS handheld radios submitted to FCC certification

    GMRS mobile 5W/25W: FCC ID POD-GMRS25 Analog Transceiver by TYT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD FCC - OET TCB Form 731 Grant of Equipment Authorization FRS handheld 2W: FCC ID POD-FRS Analog Transceiver by TYT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD
  10. N

    MA - Southern Worc County Repeater

    Available for public use: Millbury GMRS
  11. B

    Help with setting up long range (50+ mile) GMRS Radio communications solution.

    Hello, I would like some help/tips on hoe to set up a long range gmrs communication system, what I would like is handheld (Baofeng BF-F8HP) Radios that I would use when I get out of the car. And for when I'm in the car I will be using a Talkcoop KT-8900D Mobile/Car radio found on amazon. And as...
  12. K7MFC

    How to apply for a GMRS license and receive your FCC call sign

    How to apply for a GMRS license and receive your FCC call sign General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a land-mobile UHF radio service in the United States, near 462 and 467 MHz. GMRS shares the same frequencies with the Family Radio Service (FRS), however output power is limited to 0.5 or 2...
  13. K

    building a GMRS repeater

    hello everybody, just was wondering if anybody would have any Motorola GR-300 Chassis laying around without anything but the power supply inside..?
  14. H

    better range???

    I have recently purchased a couple of Baofeng F8HP talkies and was expecting to get a bit more range out of them. I was only able to get about 800meters in good conditions. Is there a way to get better distance on the frs or gmrs channels.?
  15. M

    Coastal GA GMRS

    I know there's a north GA GMRS group, i'm wondering if there's a good bit of people in my area that are on GMRS. I've talked to a guy in Statesboro who's getting into GMRS and I'm possibly going to fire off a repeater in either Garden City, GA or Rincon, GA
  16. A

    GMRS settings

    I am looking to program my kt-8900 to the GMRS frequencies using CHIRP. Does anyone have the GMRS settings (or a link to them) including the tone and other settings that I may need?
  17. K7MFC

    Btech gmrs-v1

    I recently wrote a review of the BTECH GMRS-V1 handheld radio for my club’s forum, and after using it for a few months I would like to share my thoughts here as well. The original review can also be read on my blog. I was in the market for a handheld GMRS radio to be used primarily for outdoor...
  18. K7MFC

    2013 F-150 Motorola CDM1250 Install

    I purchased a Motorola CDM1250 a while ago for a dedicated GMRS rig and finally got around to installing it in my 2103 F-150. I chose to install the radio in the center console, so I made a mount from some 3/4" MDF and some 1" pine: I laid on a few coats of Krylon textured flat black paint...
  19. helvis

    Midland MXT90 GMRS radio

    Im not pleased with the mag mount antenna that came with this radio. Does anyone know of a much better replacement? I plan on permanently mounting it to my truck's roof. While I'm waiting for my operating license fees to clear and the FCC sends me my call sign I've been goofing around with a...
  20. spareparts

    Non-profit users of FRS / GMRS radio at 1.5W power

    So here the question: A non-profit (Church, museum, school as examples) may or not use FRS/GMRS portable radios at 1.5W of power? For background, the radio fleet is a mix of bubble pack radios and baofengs. The subtleties of a 16 Chanel radio and what channels to use at what power level...