1. CDM1250, Raspberry pi, linking and programming Bundle

    CDM1250, Raspberry pi, linking and programming Bundle

    Everything you need to get online, Allstar or a linked GMRS System (gmrs live, or Package includes the following: Motorola CDM1250 (AAM25SKD9AA2AN) UHF 450-512MHz 40W Microphone Raspberry pi 3 with case and power cord 32GB SanDisk Micro-SD card RIM-Lite RIM-Maxtrac interface...
  2. R

    Baofeng BF-5RH GMRS

    Hello and thanks in advance for reading a newbies post. I am new to this so please be gentle lol. I bought a Baofeng BF-5RH handheld off Temu and have a question about using it to communicate with a friends Motorola T7450 on GMRS-1 462.5625 MHz. 1) I set my Baofeng to 462.5625 MHz. 2) When...
  3. B

    Active Los Angeles GMRS Repeaters?

    Hello. Are there existing Los Angeles GMRS repeaters that are either open or open to new members? If so please let me know what they are, or where to get more info. Thank you!
  4. C

    Ailunce HA1G DTMF?

    I have recently purchased the Ha1g GMRS Radio from Ailunce (Retivis) and have been very pleased with the product, except one issue... I've noticed that you can not manually transmit DTMF tones via pressing the PTT and the corresponding DTMF number keys. I know that you can pre-program your own...
  5. kf6olc

    13 Frequencies You Need in Your Scanner for 2024

  6. P

    To GMRS users, how would you feel about this?

    I have two scenarios for this. Scenario 1: The FCC has decided to listen to the people and upgraded the FRS/GMRS band making it similar to PMR446 in the EU. What this comes with; - Extention of the FM GMRS channels by adding 15 more channels (5 HT-HT, 5 extra duplexed channels.) - And adding 20...
  7. P

    GMRS Exception Rule?

    I know it says we can't submit anything using common services (MURS, GMRS, etc.) but could we make an exception to this? This would go for certain businesses or attractions that are grandfathered to use GMRS. Because Allegan uses 462.700 MHz for city events, and there is (I think?) a hotel that...
  8. R

    Can a VX-459 be programmed for GMRS and FRS?

    New to radios and recent GMRS hobbyist. I have a VX-459, software and cord. I thought I'd see if I could program it for GMRS/FRS. Is this even possible? Is this strictly a VHF radio? I've got my channel list and corresponding details entered but I'm getting "Frequency Band Mismatched" when I...
  9. I

    Programming MCS2000 Motorola Radio

    Is there anybody out there that knows how to reprogram MCS 2000 Motorola Radios? A few friends and I just got a handful of these radios and we would like to program them to a different frequency. I have the RIB cables, The CPS software was given to me by the same guy that programed the radios...
  10. J

    Antenna Recommendation for a Multifamily Unit for GMRS Baofeng UV-5R (Newbie Here)

    Hello everyone, i am in Massachusetts, in a a suburban area, more building than houses, but only 3 family buildings at the most, not much open areas, growing population, 30-45 minutes from the main city. I own a multifamily, legal 2 families with a finish attic, so like 3 family. Which antenna...
  11. L3KDE

    CPS 2.0 Copyable FRS and GMRS Channel Lists / Codeplug Paste

    You can copy the below XML code, then right click in the "Zones" section of CPS 2.0 and click "Paste" and it will create zones for you for FRS and GMRS, respectively. Please note: Do not use this to transmit GMRS or FRS on non-GMRS / FRS licensed radios. Remember, FRS and GMRS are licensed to...
  12. jdurbano

    Connecting to Arizona Repeaters

    First, please accept my apology if this subject has been done before. I am a total noob. I am trying to connect to Arizona repeaters (actually an repeaters will work) but mostly Arizona. Is there s "Repeaters for Dummy's" site somewhere? I am trying to learn how to connect to some repeaters but...
  13. S

    Antenna Recommendations for a Jeep

    Hey all, I'm pretty new to GMRS and radio in general. I have a Jeep JK (which I know isn't the ideal vehicle for radios) and just installed a Retevis RA86, and am looking for suggestions for which antenna, mount, and location I should go with. I was considering the Midlands MXTA25 ghost antenna...
  14. P

    What NMO antenna has the best SWR for GMRS on a mobile setup that is under 120$?

    Since I don't have to equipment to tune my own antenna yet, I want to know what antenna can bring out the most power from my mobile radio setup for GMRS. Give me your recommendations!
  15. P

    Skywarn GMRS nets?

    Are there any GMRS nets for skywarn? I'd like to have some repeaters to add.
  16. P

    How long did it take for you to get your license?

    Hello, I was wondering how long did it take for you to get your GMRS license? The reason is, I applied for mine last Thursday and I have been waiting since. I sadly cannot look at the license manager since it's down which is probably the reason why I haven't gotten my license yet. But as I'm...
  17. C

    Motorola XTS2500 800MHz

    Hello All I have been planning on getting an xts2500 because I have been wondering what software(programming) I need and if I could use UHF/VFH frequencies will it be good because I plan on using ham/gmrs frequencies.
  18. T

    Programming Baofeng GM-15 Pro (GRMS) WRXU901

    FYI..successful in programming BF GM 15 Pro with TIDRadio Wireless Bluetooth Programmer. Although it said that device software driver was in beta it worked like a charm. The app is okay, has some quirks but much much better than hand punching channels to monitor. I gave up desktop computers and...
  19. P

    For MURS/GMRS: what type of radio would work best for the job?

    What radio would be very useful and have great transmit and receive for either band; an LMR (type) radio or something cheap like a Wouxun or Midland? ofc both are on the same power levels (2w for MURS, and 5 to 50 watts for GMRS)
  20. B

    Dual-band antenna for GMRS transmitting and NWR/NOAA receiving

    I'm seeking advice for a dual band mobile antenna for GMRS uhf + NOAA weather radio (NWR) vhf. I'll be transmitting only on GMRS, and VHF will be for 162 MHz receive only. I'm a meteorologist gathering weather data & stills/video near storms so NOAA receive is important, and I want the...