1. C

    Budget GMRS Radio & Antenna

    Hi guys so I have recently gotten really interested in gmrs radios. After owning my Radioshack Pro-164 scanner for about 3 years my interest in radios has greatly increased. My first step into an actual radio will be GMRS. So am looking for a budget GMRS radio and antenna. I will be using the...
  2. L

    Duplexer Problem? Motorola GMRS Repeater

    Hello to all and thanks for taking the time to read this! I have recently purchased a Motorola RKR1225 repeater and had it pre programmed for GMRS. It did not come with a duplexer, so I purchased one of the 6 cavity 50 watt Chinese ebay duplexers and had the seller tune it to my high/low...
  3. K

    Miles City, Montana trip soon ??

    hey everybody i was wondering if there is any GMRS repeaters up along highway 212 and highway 59 from the state line on the south east side up near miles city Montana ? i don't think there's hardly any ham repeaters up there now days.. there used to be one in Broadus on 146.620 years ago is that...
  4. K

    how to cut the radials on a Laird Radial Kit.

    i am looking for a cutting chart for the UHF GMRS band in order to use my mobile antenna as my base GMRS setup for on top of my tower when i get it up at the new place. i have the Laird B-4505C that i want to use for all 8 GMRS channels mostly on a repeater and doing some simplex work.
  5. K

    FRS and Summer Break

    Hello I wanted to know if people notice that the FRS has a ton load of kids on it in the summer because of their break. Does anybody else notice this?
  6. K

    GMRS Repeaters in the Hills area ?

    I had heard of a repeater up near Sturgis on 462.600 with a PL Tone of 110.9 Does anybody have any further information on it if it even exists at all ?
  7. G

    MURS Assistance Needed

    I know that MURS radios cannot exceed 2 watts. They cost about $175+. I have found a Two-Way radio that is User-Programmable that I can program to that frequency/frequencies. But, its 5 watts, when I program it will it go down to 2 watts or can I use it? Just trying to save money! (These are...
  8. S

    GMRS and Organizations

    Hello all, I have a couple of questions regarding GMRS, GMRS Repeaters, Licensing, and people using those repeaters. A bit of background first: I am looking to set up a radio system for my boy scout camp. We are a small, exactly 1 square mile area of land with only trees and maybe a building...
  9. E

    Newbie question about GRMS and FRS

    I am a first-time scanner owner. I recently purchased a BCD396XT with a Watson SMA-881 Super Gainer. I am using ARC-XT Pro and RR to program and so far everything is going great. I live on the 17th floor in a condo so I am getting pretty good coverage on several local South Florida agencies...
  10. E

    First-time owner with BDC296XT - GMRS FRS Question

    I am a first-time scanner owner. I recently purchased a BCD396XT (sorry for the typo in the title) with a Watson SMA-881 Super Gainer. I am using ARC-XT Pro and RR to program and so far everything is going great. I live on the 17th floor in a condo so I am getting pretty good coverage on...
  11. D

    The Great Unofficial Radioreference FRS/GMRS/MURS Fact Sheet

    The Great Unofficial Radioreference FRS/GMRS/MURS All-Inclusive Fact Sheet Hoookay. For what it's worth, here is a (rather messy) compilation of some of the most frequently-requested information on these boards regarding operation of the part-95 family/general mobile/multi use radio services...
  12. VE1GAT

    Canadian Legal GMRS with Beofeng UV5

    I've been working on programming the UV5R to be legal GMRS ready for Canada. It needs to be 2 W radiated power. I have a CHIRP image here Index of /radio features: weather channel in RX mode Emergency use of Marine CH16 (do not misuse this channel) scanning of MURS (not yet legal in Canada...
  13. S

    Gmrs/Frs antenna

    Me and my buddy use radios to communicate frequently, but our houses are just barely out of range of each other (we just get a little static). I am a technichly inclined do-it-yourselfer, and i'm thinking about running a wire up a tall tree in my yard, and wrapping the other end around the...
  14. S

    GMRS Repeaters

    Hey guys, i recently got my gmrs licenese so i could use my bubblepack moto's, and i was wondering if anyone knows of any open gmrs repeaters that work in sd county. The radios that i got were about a hundred bucks, so they included a feature that offsets channels 15-22 for repeater use. I...
  15. R

    GMRS for motorcycles

    I'm new here and new to two-way radios (except for my law enforcement career). I was wanting to set up a mobile two way to function on FRS and GMRS to use with other riders in our group using FRS and possibly GMRS. I would like more than the 2 or 5 watt that most handhelds use and an external...
  16. Shawnlin20

    GMRS repeater

    Wanted to see if anyone could or knew someone that could build a small all in one GMRS repeater. I want repeater,duplexer, power supply, tone board all in one small unit. Just plug it in attach antenna and go. I'm not one to build things myself nor do I want to spend 500 on ebay. Thanks!
  17. kc8mln

    GMRS Badge

    Ok, so I had mentioned this in another forum, but didnt seem to get any response about, I'l make my own post here for this... I love being and amateur radio op and I'm proud to be a licensed ham and have my callsign. I also love that we can now have a "badge icon" on our profiles to...
  18. kc8mln

    Is use of narrowband allowed in GMRS or only wide-band

    Ok, I now know that the narrowband requirement does NOT apply to GMRS,...BUT, what I'm asking here is: Q: Is the use of narrowband ALLOWED in the GMRS service, or is ONLY wide-band allowed for use in GMRS? (ie, can I use a radio that is on a GMRS frequency and set for narrowband TX/RX on that...
  19. kc8mln

    Will narrowbanding effect GMRS?

    I am aware of the FCC mandate for narrowbanding of the VHF & UHF public safety/service bands, but will the mandate also apply to require narrowbanding of the GMRS or is GMRS exempt from the narrowbanding requirement?
  20. M

    GMRS or eXRS or MURS?

    This is my first post and I am totally new to all of this and I have this question. I'm involved in emergency management in a town that is approx. 1 sq mile. We had a situation where we lost all contact with the stakeholders of the town except for the police/ems/emergency management...