1. For Sale Motorola HT1000

    For Sale Motorola HT1000

    I have for sale a Motorola HT1000 portable radio, antenna, and battery. I do not have a charger. I have not used this radio in years however I do know when I did use it, I was unable to transmit. I am unsure if that was a programming error or a device issue. Cost is $45 including shipping...
  2. G

    HT1000 Programming from Windows 10

    I need some help. I have a windows 10 laptop and need to program 2 HT1000's. What software/emulation programs have you guys had luck with to run DOS to program the radios? Thanks
  3. marksroberson

    HT1000 Delayed Audio

    Hi Folks, I am programming up a HT1000 radio for my neighbor, receive only so they can get a taste of the scanner hobby. trouble is, even when not in scan mode, the HT1000 has a pretty decent delay in audio before it starts receiving. compared to my yeasu FT-2800, its about 1/2 a second. pretty...
  4. S

    HT1000 Best charger for HT1000 batteries.

    Hello friends! This is my first post in this Forum. I own three VHF Motorola HT1000's that I have for Amateur Radio use. Recently, my NTN8831A charger stopped working. My friend recommended that I get a brand new Impres WPLN4114AR, as it was considered to be quite the upgrade from what I had...
  5. CopperWhopper67

    HT1000 Need help finding a radio part.

    Two of my HT1000s are non functioning right now because I need to replace a small crucial part that I can't find online thus far (primarily because I'm not sure what it's called). It's the small bridge/interconnect, I guess you could call it, that connects the RF board to the logic board. *I...
  6. KB3ZWI

    Motorola M3 to Baofeng / Kenwood

    Good Evening Folks, I recently purchased a Mobilinkd bluetooth kiss TNC to use with my Baofeng radio for APRS (for now) and I have realized that the RX / TX on that radio is rather poor. So, I was wondering if there was anything at there that I could connect to my Motorola HT1000 or XTS5000...
  7. M

    Programming HT1000 with Motorola RSS UHF &VHF

    Okay, I have a pretty big question here. I have both a UHF and VHF version of the HT1000. My current FD charges us $150.00 to program our own radios. The town couldn't afford to purchase extras. I obtained Motorola RSS, but it is currently set up for a UHF bandwidth. Says I can only program UHF...
  8. M

    Need help with programming...

    I am attempting to program my own HT1000 for use on the local VHF Public Safety Repeater, however, we don't have a usual radio technician to guide me through this process. I notice the HT1000 doesn't allow for an offset...only TX/RX channel...what offset is 150-160 MHz? I have obtained all my...
  9. matty909

    need to program my ht1000

    Hi i wanted to ask if anyone in my local area has programming software for Motorola ht1000 my radio needs to be updated due to the fact that most the channels are no longer in use, i now have 5 working channels out of 16
  10. marksroberson

    Ht1000 page Acknowledge

    I have a HT1000 UHF I talk on local repeaters with to another Motorola guy. He can send me pages with MDC1200 on repeaters without a delay and I recieve them fine but what I want to do is make my HT1000 send a acknowledgement page back to him, I can not find a setting in the MDC options page for...
  11. I

    Motorola HT1000 [UHF] Cloning Question:

    I have a question regarding cloning an HT1000 into another HT1000: Reading from the Motorola portable service manual for thr HT/Jedi/etc series radios it states that you can't clone a "BN/CN/etc model" into a "DN" model radio, but it states nothing about cloning a "DN" into a "BN/CN" model...
  12. marksroberson

    HT1000 Sticker

    I have a Motorola HT1000 that I just picked up on eBay and then re-cased due to it having a extremely scratched case. the stickers are in same condition as the case, beyond repair. so my question is where can I find the MOTOROLA sticker, and hopefully one that is actually Motorola-made. It looks...
  13. marksroberson

    Quick Call and NOAA WX radio

    I have a Motorola HT1000 VHF I use for Ham repeaters, and I also have the 7 weather channels programmed in. but i would like to use it as a weather alert radio but when i set up Quick-Call it seems that it uses 2 tones, and there must be a delay between tone 1 and tone 2. using the 1060 Hz tone...
  14. marksroberson

    HT1000 Whine

    while testing my HT1000 UHF radio on a ham radio repeater I happened to notice a high pitched whine / squeal while transmitting and don't know what it is, i can tilt the radio in another position and it stops, and it will not whine on low power. It only whines while transmitting on 5 watts...
  15. R

    HT1000 programming in NJ?

    I recently bought an Ht1000 VHF portable and am having a hard time finding programming for it. Is there anyone in NJ that still has the capability to program an HT1000?
  16. C

    Ht1000 NMN6191C Speaker Mic issues

    As stated in the title I have a bunch of HT1000's and never had any use of these speaker mics til now. I have a bunch of new stock never used NMN6191C Speaker Mics that I decided to use on the radio assigned to me. The first one I tried, the speaker sounded muffled very low but transmitted fine...
  17. S

    UHF vs VHF radios

    Hi, I dont know if this would exactly be the place to ask... but i have an HT1000 VHF radio, and a HT1250 UHF radio. i noticed the signal is a lot harder to pick up on VHF than UHF. I can hear UHF much more clearer than any of the fire departments or pd's on VHF. is VHF harder to receive or...
  18. M

    GP340 VHF noisy on 173MHZ

    Hi all, I have several Motorolas GP340 VHF radios, I think you have the HT series in USA. These radios when operating on 173MHS give a motor boating noise when receiving from another radio within 15 or so feet. It is not caused by high volume setting and the speach is garbled. When changing to...
  19. T

    HT1000 Weird Squelch Noise?

    On a single channel on my older UHF (450-520) HT1000 there's an intermittent noise, similar to the sound of the squelch opening. The noise occurs about once every two seconds, and lasts for about one second. Upon comparing the noise to the actual squelch opening, it sounds softer. The sound does...
  20. M

    Ht1000/MT2000 cloning

    Would it be possible to clone a mt2000 to an ht1000? i have a cloning cable and was wondering