1. eccentricbiped

    Not hearing audio from liquidsoap stream

    Hi all, I'm very new to the space and just getting started. I've appreciated the resources here in the forums but I seem to have a problem that I've been struggling with for the past several hours. I have a RTL-SDR V3 hooked up to my Raspberry Pi 3B+ and have gone through the steps from here...
  2. R

    Re-streaming radio to youtube using a VPS

    I have a question related to streaming radio to youtube. Is there an option to make a VPS re-stream audio from Shoutcast/Icecast, accompanied by a static image?
  3. A

    New software: Rocket Broadcaster (Win, Free)

    Hi guys, I know some of you broadcast via Icecast and SHOUTcast servers, so I figured I'd drop a line here to let you all know about new internet radio broadcasting software I've just released: Rocket Broadcaster. Download it here! (free) In a nutshell, it's like Edcast, BUTT, or SAM...
  4. bbrasmussen

    Using Python to Update Icecast Scanner Audio Feeds with a Raspberry Pi

    Quite a few people have been using a Raspberry Pi to feed audio to Icecast and RR using Darkice. I wanted to go one step further and make it so both the audio and scanner metadata (alpha tags) could both be fed from the Raspberry Pi. I wrote a Python script to get data from Uniden scanners via...
  5. TRNcommLLC

    Tag Metadata Lagging

    I'm not sure who to contact about the metadata (tags) being slow. When there is a unit transmitting and the audio is is playing the Tag for that unit/channel is about 10 seconds late to show. I did some testing with Icecast and Shoutcast servers and I have no problem with the tags being behind...
  6. brandon

    Flash based player for streaming audio

    I have been experimenting with some flash based mp3 players that can listen to Icecast feeds from a website and am wondering if anyone has been able to get alpha tagging to work with a flash based player? The few I've tried just display static title information.