1. R

    Help with two RTL-SDR's and Unitrunker?

    Hey everyone, I want to listen to a trunked system, ICIS https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=2856 I have two RTL-SDR's connected, and they both work in SDR#. I'm trying to listen to Montebello's systems, I have Unitrunker's Signal on the primary control channel, and Voice (from my...
  2. A

    BCD996T: Programming P-25 Phase II Trunking on Uniden 996T

    I am trying to program the "ICIS Digital Trunked" system on a new Uniden 996T. I have always owned and programmed Radio Shack scanners, so I am not very familiar with the Uniden. On my Radio Shack Pro-106, I am picking up the ICIS system crystal clear. The new ICIS system is on a "P-25 Motorola...
  3. N

    Interagency Communications Interoperability System (ICIS)

    This past weekend 2/1-2/15 My scanner went dark for Verdugo Fire and Burbank PD. It has now returned with what seems to be all changed Talkgroup numbers. It sounds like I'm getting Burbank PD Dispatch on Verdugo Fire Red 2. I do not know if other agencies sharing Interagency Communications...
  4. I

    ICIS P25 Agencies and towers

    I was reading threw most of the ICIS P25 threads, i did not find anything that has the list of what agency or talkgroups talk on what towers, is there a list out there that someone made or a link to a thread that it was talked on? thanks!
  5. BoboPinky

    Culver City ICIS Trunked System - System Problems?

    Can anyone else confirm problems with Culver City's trunked / digital radio system (and ICIS?) today - 4/30/14? See my posting in the ICIS board here: http://forums.radioreference.com/2181031-post840.html
  6. BoboPinky

    Culver City, CA PD - Just Got a Laugh - Sadly I Agree - Digital / ICIS

    June 17, 2012 at approximately 1810hrs. Two officers on the main primary frequency trying to coordinate. "10-9, you were garbled...10-9, 10-9...", the other officer comes on and says, "... our wonderful radio system!" HA! I've gotta laugh. Why? Well, yes, yes, I understand all the benefits...
  7. K

    Pasadena, CA continues to deny access to police radio traffic

    Pasadena continues to deny access to police radio traffic - Pasadena Star-News
  8. S

    Help with ICIS on BCD996XT with FreeSCAN

    Hello, I need a bit of help programming for the ICIS system. I'm using FreeScan on a BCD996XT. I've read a bunch of posts on the same subject, but I'm confused concerning which system to create and where to put freqs once in that system. I've read that the ICIS is a Motorola Type II...
  9. jtech48

    ICIS Program on BC796D

    I Have Been Up All Night Trying To Figure Out How To Program My New Uniden BC796D With Pro Scan And Also Manually With negative Results. I Just Hope That My Fellow Scannerbuffs Can Help Me Out, Im New To The Uniden World, I Was Able To Program My Pro-106 With No Issues But Im Sure Uniden Aint...
  10. N

    Los Angeles County ICIS

    Does any one know if Burbank PD and Verdugo Fire are now encoded? My scanner (Uniden BCD396T) seems to have gone quiet.
  11. K

    Glendale joins LA RICS

    SUMMARY The Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System (LA-RICS) Joint PowersAuthority (JPA) has been developed through a county wide, multi agency and multi disciplined effort to fund, design, construct, implement, and sustain a single regional communications platform and...
  12. hotdjdave

    ICI Trunked System - Posts your new findings here!

    So far there are several threads on the ICIS, but none of them dedicated to actually catalog TGIDs found on the systems. I know there is an RR Database page for ICIS. However, since this seems to be a work still in progress and many of us are monitoring the systems to find new TGIDs and new...